Preparation - Design Your Life (Part 1)

Designing Your Life

Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives.  Viktor Frank

I learned a long time ago that setting goals is my key to success.  Through the years I've not lived as if I have learned this concept as much as I'd like.  I've let others influence my choices in life and have gotten out of the habit of goal setting.  While praying for what God wanted from me in 2012, He directed my heart towards setting goals for myself and family rather than trying to make a New Year's Resolution that may or may not "stick"!  We can argue that setting goals in January and having New Year's resolutions are the same thing, and yes, they are quite similar.  In truth, New Year's Resolutions have taken on a more negative connotation because people tend to forget them not long after they set them!  My goal is to set attainable goals for my family and I and to take it one day at a time.

Growing up, I frequently heard this quote and have come to live by it:

Good, better, best
Let's never rest
Until our good is better
And our better is best.

When we take into consideration that setting goals allows us to make life happen instead of just letting life happen to us, it gives a whole different meaning to "setting goals".  The more research I have done on this topic, the more I have decided to extend this topic into more than one post.  So here's just enough to wet your appetite and make you come back for more!  Here is Part 2 here.

Five questions to ask yourself when setting your goals:

1.  Will it please God and draw me closer to Him?
2.  Will it help me become a better person?
3.  Will it affect others positively?
4.  Is it attainable, reasonable, and realistic?
5.  Is it personal (not pressed upon you by someone else)?

These five questions are mandatory in setting goals in a Christian woman's life.  I hope you will consider them when you decide to set some goals in preparation of designing your life.

Blessings and Happy Goal Setting!

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Part 2

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