Living "Joy" in 2012

Photo Courtesy~Sara Frankl, Gitzen Girl

Welcome to the new year, 2012, and my new blog name For Journey's Sake and design!  However you have happened upon my dear home away from home, I am glad you have visited.  While you are here my prayer is that you will be encouraged and challenged on your journey of womanhood.  It is quite a journey - isn't it?

You begin this journey looking into the eyes of your dear mommy.  You idolize her and want to be just like her.  Then you pretend to be a mommy yourself as you feed, clothe and train you dolls all the while becoming more independent.

You enter your teen years with difficulty and the grace of a giraffe.  Some days you hold onto being a little girl while sneaking that tea party with your dolls and other days you try to fit in your mom's high heels and begin making choices that resemble that of a grown woman.

By the time you finish high school you feel very grown up and mature.  You grab the world by the tail and think you can face anything with the grace of a swan.  You find out in a few short years that you didn't know as much as you thought you did, but you realize you are a young woman.

In your twenties, life is grand!  You have experienced enough adulthood to make wise decisions, but life has probably not dealt you too man blows just yet.

In your thirties, you begin to realize who you are, where you fit into the world, and you take things a little more seriously.  You experience babies, bills, sickness, hurts, and victories like you never have before.

Now in your forties, life is quite different.  Your babies have gown to be teenagers themselves and you might even become a grandma.  It is another decade of figuring out where you fit into the grand scheme of things.

I think your fifties are spent with keeping up with the grand kids.

Then sixties hit you and you realize you are not the young woman you were in your twenties.  Another decade of fitting into life in a whole different way.  Are you really wanted and does your daughter still need you?  Your grand children are almost all teenagers and they don't seem to be able to connect like they did yesterday.

Your seventies are spent with your children and grandchildren realizing how wonderful you really are and doting on you!

We are all on the journey of womanhood.  Some are just starting out, some in the middle, and some nearing the end.  Wherever you are on this journey, there is encouragement for you.  I want to challenge you to embrace whatever decade you are in with gusto. Remember that acronym you learned as a child?

J - Jesus
O - Others
Y - You

If you choose  to make this your life's motto, I assure you it will be a more fulfilling life.  Try it today,try it  this year, 2012!  Let it be what drives you this year - JOY!  I dare you to see what happens!

Come back for more this week to see a list of goals I set For Journey's Sake in the year 2012 and our first giveaway planned for this month!  I am so excited!

Blessings to you all as you head into the new year,

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