Identifying Obstacles - Design Your Life (Part 5)

Design Your Life

We are now on part five of our Design Your Life Series!  
If you would like to read parts 1-4, there will be a link at the bottom of this post.  
Today I want to help you identify goal-setting obstacles.  
There are five main obstacles I want to discuss.

Fear of Failure

You may keep track of your goals in a notebook or you may log them online, but a lot of us tend to keep them on the back burner.  We tell ourselves that we want to change or improve, but we never seem to make it happen.  Sometimes we don't even try to attain these goals.  We are afraid that we can never loose the desired amount of weight or we can never be good enough to get in front of people and say what is on our heart.  We might even get criticized if we mess up.  The first thing to do is to take action.  Fear can immobilize us and keep us from reaching our goals.  Dr. Robert Schuller asked, "What would you do if you could not fail?"  What could we achieve if we were not afraid of failing?  Be brave and act now!  If it doesn't work out the way you planned, tweak your plan.  Try a different approach until you reach the desire you want!  You gotta see this little girl encouraging you to Don't Stop! Don't Give UP!

Don't take failure personally.  It is not a character trait.  It is a result or evaluation of a behavior.  Look at it as a  happening, not a personal attribute.  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Allow room for mistakes.  You don't improve without having some rough spots now and again.  Learn from your mistakes and feel encouraged because you know you can do better next time!  Don't let fear cripple you, let it empower you!

Trying to be Superwoman

If I could just be like Michelle Duggar...
If I could have it all together like so-and-so...
If my house was as neat as...
If my husband was more thoughtful like...
If I made straight A's like...

If we could take the perfect character traits and blessings of each woman in our life and lump them together, we would have Superwoman!  And wouldn't it just be great if were Superwoman?!   I know she is only a cartoon in a very make believe world.  But she is built like Barbie, and can accomplish everything she has set out to do with out fail.  She has no problems and can manage any thing.  This is unrealistic, isn't it?  Adapt the "can-do" attitude without the "conquer-all-in-a-day-and-still-be-invisible" lifestyle.  It goes back to setting attainable goals.  Don't get trapped into comparing yourself to others because you will always come up short.

Negative Mindset and Attitude

Having a negative mindset does not allow room for success.   You will be doomed to failure if you don't start thinking positively.  Choose to see obstacles as opportunities to overcome and get you one step closer to achieving your goal.  A failure could also be viewed as life's usual resistance to the action you've taken to design your life.  Focus on the progress you are making and push through.  If you are unwilling to see failure as an obstacle then you will be pre-conditioned to look for solutions and not excuses.  Don't let your life motto be "I can't", but instead, "I will"!

Not Enough Money, Time, Or Other Resources  

This can often be a discouraging factor, especially in these hard, economic times.  We have a wonderful, free devise called the internet that can help us with this obstacle in setting goals.  If one of your goals is going to cost some money, research how much, and begin saving now.  Do your homework and be prepared.  Figure out how much time you will need to put into it and the resources you will need to obtain to make it happen.  Winston Churchill first said, "He who fails to plan is planning to fail". 

Lack of Support

It is inevitable you will come across some roadblocks and move at a slower pace.  You might even be asking yourself' "What in the world do I do next?"  Just as any journey, support is essential.  When we begin a road trip, we usually check Google maps first then program our GPS. When a Christian is born, the Bible is their road map.  Sometimes there are no directions given for what we want to attain, but there are people who have traveled the road before and are waiting to help you.  Find a friend, mentor, or blog such as  For Journey's Sake :) to support you in reaching your goals.  Don't try it alone.  

Lastly, never forget to take it to the Lord in prayer.  He is the best friend you could ever have!  And He has given us a road map, the Bible, that is filled with answers when we are feeling like we cannot go on.  If you are struggling with obstacles in designing your life, I'd love to help!  Leave me a comment and we will go from there.  Having a friend to support you also means having a friend to celebrate with you when you reach your accomplishments!

Blessings as you overcome obstacles in designing your life,

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Susan Brown said...

Fear of failure, fear of having to admit failure, fear of fear...all demotivators that will keep me stuck in the failures of yesterday. It's okay. Admit it and get over it. Failure isn't fatal.
Great ideas about facing our fears.

Niki said...

Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by today. Love your feedback.