God Thinks I'm Worthy

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Just a word of explanation.  In my last post I told you that I would be starting a new series this week, but due to technical problems It will have to wait until next week.  I apologize for this confusion.  To be quite honest, I am having difficulty with learning some of the technological side of blogging.  I appreciate your
patience and hope you will join me on Monday, the 12th of January to begin learning how to set clear, attainable goals!

On a more personal note, I'd like to tell you about my "one of those" that I previously wrote about here.
She has been practicing her manners quite a bit lately.  It is such a joy to hear her say, "no thank you", "please", "excuse me", and "I'm sorry" all without any prompting from Mommy.  We still have our challenging moments, but hearing her have such sweet manners is rewarding.

We have found that her struggles with attitude come more during times of needing a nap, bedtime, or when she is not feeling well.  Most toddlers share this with her, but the scale of her struggles are much worse than most toddlers.  So we deal with each one as they come and always look forward to a fresh new start.

I heard Cynthia Tobias speak the other day and she told me something I had never thought of before.  It has ministered a great deal to me.  She said,

"If you have a "one of those" (though she did not call the child this) then God must think you are pretty special and capable of handling him or her.  Thank Him that you are extra blessed.  Do not try to break that strong will because it is what will make them a great leader some day.  Only learn to channel their strong desires in the right direction."

These are not her exact words and I must really read her book to find out more of what she says on this topic.

God thinks I am worthy to raise a strong leader?  He thinks I can influence and train her in a way that will bring glory to Him like none other?  

I am in awe, somewhat flabbergasted, I might say.  Thank you, Lord for my special "one of those".  Help me to see her as You do.  Give me grace when I feel like giving up and show me exactly what to do in her training to become a great woman of God.

Do you have a child that seems to try every nerve in your body?  That one that says "You cannot make me!"  Or maybe yours is something more like ours which has issues with being "ugly" as we say around here.  Consider yourself blessed today because God chose you to raise him or her!

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