For Journey's Sake Goals for 2012

Setting goals is a very important step in reaching success.  I realize success means many things to different people, but we all want to lead successful lives.  That may mean being rich and famous or it might mean that you have no greater joy than to hear that your children walk in truth (III John 1:4).

Whatever your aspirations, I'd like to help give you clear and helpful hints on how to set goals to achieve your desired level of success.  I will be starting a series this week on "Goal Setting".  I will address questions to ask yourself before you set goals, types of goals to set, how to set goals, common mistakes in setting goals, the benefits of setting goals in your life, and more.

That being said, here are five goals I have set for For Journey's Sake for the year of 2012.

1.  Host 5 Giveaways
2.  Reach 100 followers here and 250 on Face Book
3.  Become an affiliate for 5 to 10 people/companies
4.  Have 5 paying advertisers
5.  Write consistently 3 to 5 times a week

All of the above goals are so that this blog can generate income while remaining focused on encouraging you on your journey of womanhood.  I am passionate about encouraging you as you become a more Godly daughter, wife, mommy, and grandma!

Until then...


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