Common Mistakes - Design Your Life (Part 4)

Design Your Life

This is part four in our Design Your Life Series. 
 Did you miss parts onetwo, and three?  I'd love to have you get in on those!

When setting goals to design your life, there should be a balance between short term thinking and long range planning.  If all of your goals are long range, you will soon become discouraged because you have not seen success or you haven't reached a level of achievement.  There are some common mistakes in goal setting that you want to avoid.

Too Many

If your list of improvements and goals is two pieces of paper or more, you have set too many goals.  Start off with fewer goals that are attainable and empowers you to reach higher levels of achievement.  Beginning this process feeling overwhelmed is going to lead to discouragement immediately and more-than-likely you will not even proceed with changes.

Too Generic

Be specific in what you write down.  Your goals should be motivating and measurable.  If you write a list that is positive and challenging, but looks something like this:

1.  Be happier
2.  Loose weight
3.  Read Bible

it is too vague and leaves too many loopholes for the weary or faint at heart.  It will be easy to just give up.  Instead remember to list your goals in a positive manner including a plan of action.  This will encourage success in reaching your goals.

Too Big

Trying to become President of the United States is definitely a "too big" goal!  But beginning with, "I will become more involved in my government by taking steps to run for State Representative"  is a smaller step to begin with.  I will be an accomplished author with an invitation to speak on Focus on the Family is too big and unattainable immediately, but beginning with "I will write and publish a Children's book by the end of this year" is a smaller step headed towards a bigger dream.

Not Written Down

Having aspirations in our head is wonderful and I would never discourage anyone from having dreams.  I would encourage you to write them down!  This is the first and most easy step to accomplishment.  Write your goals down to design your life and voila! you have reached one goal already!  You can reach your goals!  Writing them down enables you to look at them more than once a year and refuels your passion to reach that dream.  It keeps things from getting muddled in our brain, helps us remember when every day life challenges seem to crowd our mind, and empowers us to take our dreams seriously.  Write your goals on paper and keep them where you can refer to them often, if not daily.

So as not to get too lengthy and boring, I will save Identifying Goal Obstacles for the next post.  I hope you are enjoying this series on Designing Your Life.  It is a lot to take in, but I am encouraged to make some life changes.  I want to take this seriously and not have a half-hearted concern.  As we know, New Year's Resolutions can fade into the background before the end of the month.  I want some life changes and am ready to take the steps to make this happen!  How about you?

Blessings as you plan on reaching your goals and aspirations for life,

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Susan Brown said...

Great ideas. One way I use to get started is by keeping a "to do" list. The things I don't accomplish easily beome part of my goals. I like the idea of writing in a more specific way; that would help me stay focused and realize that I really am accomplishing something toward my bigger goals. Not being "generic" helps me stay focused. I guess we all have our area of weakness, you reminded me of some ways I can overcome this "common mistake".