Benefits - Design Your Life (Part 6)

Today is the last day I will be writing in our Design Your Life series.  You can read more in Parts 1-5.  There will be a link to those at the bottom of the page.

Setting goals helps us to get beyond yesterday's failures, to see past today's disappointments, and to hope for tomorrow's promises.


To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.  Let's resolve to put our past attempts at setting goals behind us and chalk it up as experience.  No matter how many attempts you have made at setting goals in the past, you can now resolve that you will follow through with those goals.  You CAN do it!

Once you have achieved some goals and dreams you can look back with assurance.  In times of doubt and when things get tough, you can have fond memories to fall back on.  You will have a date and time of accomplishment to remind you that you CAN do it!


Setting goals to design your life gives you clear direction and energizes you to give you a positive outlook. Daring to design your life lifts your spirits and empowers you to think outside of the box.  It will get you off the couch, the phone, and social networking; it creates activity!  Zig Ziglar says that  logic will not change an emotion, but action will!  Let's get started today!


Dreaming, goal setting, or designing your life helps you visualize your success - a journey into your future.  If you let nothing hold you back, what kind of journey would you have getting to where you long to be?  Then as you draw nearer to your dream, it gets easier to fathom.

If you have just joined us on this journey of designing your life, you can find out more in preparing to set goalstypes of goals to sethow to set goalscommon mistakes, and identifying obstacles.

Dare to Dream!  Then take action to get you one step closer to that dream!  Let me know if this has encouraged you.  What steps do you plan to take today to fulfill your dream?  If you are living your dream, tell us how you got to where you are today.

Blessings as you design the life you've always dreamed about,

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