On The Receiving End Of Generosity


I'm so excited to be joining up with some blogging buddies to do a theme of 31 Days of Generosity! Every post will not be about generosity, but during this month you will see that theme woven throughout the threads of this blog!

When I began to do some research on the topic of generosity, the majority of the images I found were of hands extended.  Some were empty, while some had treasures resting inside.  This image (below) intrigued me the most because of its implications.  When you give from your heart, your hands deliver light to someone's life.  Their countenance changes, their posture straightens, their head is lifted a little higher, and a smile creeps across their face.

Oh!  Excuse me, there is a knock at my door.  I will be right back...

You hear...

"Hi! Ya'll come in!" (Yes, I'm from Texas and say "Ya'll"!)
"You have something for me?"
"I have to close my eyes and hold out my hands? Ok." (Oohs and aahs come from all of those NOT having to close their eyes which makes me even more excited!)
I open my eyes and scream like a school girl!  "A Christmas CD from Selah, my favorite group?  Oh, thank you so much!"

A small token from a friend who knew just what I would like, bought on clearance some time ago, saved until tonight, just in time for me to enjoy as I drift off to sleep.

This actually happened as I was writing this post.  Imagine that?!  I was on the receiving end of generosity and it felt wonderful.  Yes, I stood straighter, lifted my head higher, and smiled bigger! 

I can't wait to spread this feeling!  Look out world, here I come!

Blessings to you as you practice generosity,

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