My Passion

If you fall into any of the following categories, then I have a passion for encouraging you in this walk!

I.  Little Daughters
     A.  Giving their heart to their Daddy for safekeeping until marriage.
     B.  Playing and Pretending to be Mommies
     C.  Playing Dress-up
     D.  Character training
II.  Preteen/Teenage Daughters
     A.  Purity/Virginity
     B.  Femininity
     C.  Modesty
     D.  Respecting and supporting Daddy
     E.  Preparing for the roll of a wife/mother
III.  Wives/Mothers
     A.  Respect
     B.  Honor
     C.  Help Meet
     D.  Titus 2 list
IV.  Mommies
     A.  Babies
       1.  Conceiving/Birth Control
       2.  Births
       3.  Nursing
       4.  Pregnancy loss
     B.  Children
       1.  Child Training
           a.  Manners
           b.  Character building
           c.  Chores/Responsibilities
       2.  Home Schooling
           a. Curriculum
           b. Schedules
           c.  Day-to-day life as a home schooling family
       3.  Sibling Rivalry
     C.  Teens and building a relationship with them
           1.  Start now
           2.  Expectations
           3.  Stand your ground
           4.  Talk Often
           5.  Be approachable
     D.  Keeping Daddy happy
           1.  Making him feel like a king
           2.  Finding out his love language and speaking it daily
           3.  Honoring and respecting him
           4.  Letting him be the head of the house
V.  Women
     A.  Teaching the younger women (Titus 2)
     B.  Creativity
           1.  Photography
           2.  Write
           3.  Sewing
           4.  Scrapbooking
           5.  Gardening
     C.  Working from home
     D.  Servanthood
     E.  Encourager
     F.  Babysitting, yes, babysitting
VI.  More Experienced Women  (the older generation)
     A.  Teaching the younger (Titus 2)
     B.  Being a mentor
     C.  Being a prayer partner
     D.  Being a confidant
     E.  Being a spiritual leader

These are topics that are near and dear to my heart.  They are one reason I blog.  To mentor and encourage you in your journey of womanhood is my God-given passion.  Now that I have that in writing...I feel better!



Joanna said...

Very, VERY nice outline. ;)

mommyx12 said...

This is a great post. Things that are near and dear to my heart as well. Having as many daughters as I do it seems these thoughts are constantly on my mind. Especially as they get older!

Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage said...

Beautiful-- love your passion!

Niki said...

Thanks, Kristy!

Niki said...

Mommyx12, love your blog! It's great to be able to read other's encouraging thoughts especially when they are similar to our own! Glad I have you as a "friend"!

Niki said...

Joanna, you are my biggest fan! I love you!