Looking Ahead

What does your new year look like?  Is it filled with the same ole hum drum of what you did this year?  Maybe it looks like nothing new will happen, God will not change your situation, and life is hopeless.

Or maybe you've just been given a chance to do something different! Maybe you can change the way you look at things and even though you still live in the same house, drive that same car, and have the same friends and family, you could see them how God sees them!

Some highlights of our 2011 are as follows:

January: Found out I was expecting another blessing, made new friends
February: Our blessing went home early
March: Our children competed in Regional Assembly of God Fine Arts (with many invitations to enter nationally)
April: Our first public school assembly, our first revival for adults (we are children's evangelists)
May: Accomplished much in organizing, received gift to help purchase our van, did children's workers seminars, Joplin tornado hit, developed a new friendship
June-August: Traveled almost 10,000 miles, ministered in over 10 churches, gave 1,000s the gospel
August:  Our children entered in National Fine Arts competition in Phoenix, AZ. Won several awards including first place puppetry and performing in front of 18,000 people plus live streaming audience.
September:  Was the hairdresser for a wedding, started monthly menu planning, spent time with family
September-present: one or more or us have been sick with flu, strep, colds, sinus infections, etc
October: Lost our home church, almost lost our home due to an electrical problem
November: 2cd set of public school assemblies, some new ministry opportunities, spent time with family
December: New blog design, new blogging friends, lost a good friend, spent time with family

We take the good with the bad and thank the Lord for the lessons He has taught us, the blessings He has given us, and the lives He has allowed us to touch.  Looking forward to what He will do this coming year!

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Pam... said...

A full year. Aren't you glad we don't know ahead of time? Isn't it nice that we can live it just one day at a time, leaning on Him?
Thanks for sharing. God bless and happy almost New Year.

Niki said...

One day at a time, sweet Jesus! He knew we couldn't handle knowing ahead of time! :) Happy New Year to you, too, Friend!