Light At The End Of The Tunnel

A couple of Sundays ago, we attended my siste-n-law's church hoping to just soak in some good worship and leave feeling refreshed, but somewhat unnoticed.  Didn't happen.  The pastor first asked me to sing and I turned him down because I had no song in my heart.  He then asked for our kids to do one of their ASL songs and we had no music with us.  Steve did testify, but we felt horrible because we were not prepared to do what God has given us the talents to do.  We prayed for forgiveness and He gave us a second chance when the pastor asked us to come back to minister in their midweek service.  We gratefully accepted this time.

That week we frantically prepared some new things and went over some old things, too.  I even stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned a song on the piano for the kids and I to sing.  I don't normally play though I do know a little bit.  This was a surprise for my husband since he had been encouraging us all to step outside of our comfort zone to do more for God.

It felt so good to be working together as a family preparing for ministry!  We sang, quoted Scripture, I spoke to the ladies for a few minutes, we did a drama with some ASL, and Steve preached a wonderful sermon on "God Just Wants Somebody".  The altar service was so refreshing as we saw many touched and one couple surrender their lives and marriage to God!

The following Saturday, we sang, quoted some Scripture, did some puppets, and shared part of our testimony at a Spanish Missions convention.  This was an incredible experience that was totally new to us.  The service started at 6:00 pm and we were supposed to be up front at 6:45.  The speaker finally called us to come up front at 9:30!  There was so much praise and worship and the service continued until midnight (though we did not stay that long!).

Then Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving KIDZ BIZNESS (our family's childrens ministry name) did five Character Assemblies at our five elementary public schools of our hometown, Neosho.  We saw over 1,800 kids plus faculty members and some parents.  I told you in April about getting to do our very first public school assembly and some of our dream concerning this opportunity of ministry. I will write more later explaining what we hope to accomplish by going where we cannot refer to Jesus as our Savior, but can use His name in a curse word without a second glance!

As promised, I've told you about how God is working in the midst of our struggles.  He is opening doors for us and we are more than willing to walk through them!  We were created to worship and serve Him.  He has given us talents and certain personality traits to use in our service for Him.  We cannot sit on a pew and be content to make others happy by being something we are not.  We will stand before God someday and we want to be able to say that we did all we could to fulfill His Great Commission.  It is He we are striving to please, not men!

Do I have my resolve back?  Yes!  Is all going well?  Honestly, it isn't.  We are still without a church home, a paycheck big enough to make ends meet, and healthy people around our table, but I know God's promises are true.  I cling to that hope.  He is faithful, He will meet our needs, and we will come out of this victorious!  Circumstances have not changed, but our outlook has.  I see light at the end of our tunnel...

Thanks for sticking by me! :)

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Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage said...

Enjoyed this post, Niki. God is good.. and He is faithful.