Vision Forum Doll Giveaway at Little Natural Cottage

I just had to share with my readers about this awesome giveaway!  I know I have already done this this month and will probably do it again, but I just had to tell you about this opportunity.  Another reason to help us be generous, yet frugal this Holiday season.  Wow!

Kristy at Little Natural Cottage is giving away one of Vision Forum's Jubilee Dolls and a doll dress of your choice!  If you have little girls, this is an exceptional deal!  I am very pleased with the quality of the dolls.  Here is what Vision forum has to say about their dolls:

When a girl plays with a doll, she is preparing to be a mommy someday. Her first model is her own mother, and her first opportunity at role-playing is with her dolls. One of the sweetest aspects of being a mother is seeing your daughters imitate you as they play together with their dolls.

With this in mind, we offer this very special 18" doll from the Beautiful Girlhood Collection for your girls to cherish for years to come and then pass on to a future daughter. Jubilee is made by Götz, the Goetz doll company, with the Götz mark of quality. Jubilee has brown eyes that open and close, and long, soft hair that is fully rooted so you can wash, brush, and style it again and again. Exquisitely crafted with the finest vinyl arms and legs, this darling doll can stand and sit alone. With bodies made of soft cloth, she is ready to be hugged and squeezed with love!
Jubilee comes with an adorable green, feminine dress, complete with white socks, white patent shoes, and a neat hair clip.
Your little girls can relive history when they dress their dolls in our specially designed, Vision Forum exclusive, historical costumes. Liberty and Jubilee can brave the voyage to New England as Priscilla Mullins, help Lewis and Clark find the Northwest Passage as Sacagawea, serve tea at the White House as Dolley Madison, or stroll the deck of the Titanic as Nan Harper. True “little girl” dolls are rare in our age of fashion models and rushed childhood. Playing with Jubilee will fill your daughter’s childhood with memories to inspire her as she grows up to be a mommy.

 The last two sentences I made bold because of how they say this in particularly.  It is rare to find girls that will play with this style of doll  instead of liking Barbie, Bratz or some other Hollywood mess.  If your daughters like these (mine likes Barbies), that is not what I am tired of.  I'm tired of Hollywood and the secular world trying to make our girls feel like they have to have a Barbie figure and life to be of value in this world.  Ok, let me gently step off of that soapbox before I go on a rampage! :)

Run on over to Little Natural Cottage and take a look at Kristy's giveaway and I hope you win!!!



Pam... said...

Thanks Niki. How fun.
My girls have so many baby dolls, I trip over the stuff. I need to have a better attitude about it because it is a blessing that they prefer baby dolls.

Niki said...

Our oldest daughter preferred Barbies, but really didn't play with them much. Our next daughter "inherited" her sister's dolls and is a little Miss Priss and prefers Barbies. I wish we had never bought them personally. We just went through all of the Barbie stuff this week and with her help got rid of all of the immodest stuff. It really was an opportunity to teach her about clothes and what is pleasing to the Lord. I let her do the choosing and was happy with what she chose to get rid of. She is getting one of these dolls for Christmas and we are hoping to phase out the whole Barbie thing!

Kasey said...

I think playing mommy is downplayed and almost discouraged very young these days. Video games and television seem to be winning out over wholesome imaginative play. I love the Vision Forum dolls for the message they work to instill in my girls while they are still young!! I think you are being wise to allow your daughter to help in the process of moving away from the Barbie. I have known of families who have suddenly taken a hard stand and ended up with rebellion. May God bless you as you lovingly guide her!