Free Christmas Gifts - Idea 3 - Words of Affirmation

...folding laundry, washing dishes, schooling children, answering a text, checking face book, mopping the floor, picking up toys for the hundredth time that day...

She reached in the drawer to grab her PJs ready to fall into bed and grab those few hours of sleep before she does it all again in the morning when her fingers barely grazed the top of a piece of  paper.  Paper in her drawer?!  She turned on the closet light to take a better look.  There, folded somewhat crookedly, lies a single piece of notebook paper.  She opened it carefully and recognized the handwriting immediately.  Her son had written just a few words.  It was the closing that brought tears to her tired eyes.  It read like this, "You are the greatest Mom in the whole world!  I love you."

She felt she could take on the whole world!  The small note reminded her of her love and the real reason she performed her daily tasks.  She sighed, wiped away the tears, and slipped into bed.  Somehow she didn't dread tomorrow anymore.

Jotting a few lines on simple notebook paper or sweet stationary telling someone you love and appreciate them can mean the difference in how they go about what they do.  This tells of a mother and son, and I'm sure there are many others who would like this kind of free gift!


Love Language: Words of Affirmation
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