Free Christmas Gifts - Idea 2 - Physical Touch

All because of a touch
His eyes shine like diamonds.

All because of a touch
A smile dances across his face.

All because of a touch
His breath comes as soft as a whisper.

All because of a touch
Sweet sounds escape from his lips.

All because of a touch
He kicks his feet with glee.

All because of  touch
Chubby little hands reach out to me.

All because of a touch
Tiny fingers eagerly grasp mine.

All because of a touch
We've both experienced love.

By: Niki 

During this time of giving and hunting for the "perfect" gift, one can get so busy that you forget to speak the love language of physical touch.  In Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages he explains that every person feels loved in different ways.  If you would like to know what your love language is you can take an assessment test here.  

This is a topic in which I would like to delve further into, because this book revolutionized our marriage twelve years ago.  But for now, I just wanted to share this little poem I wrote a few years ago.  Don't get too busy during these holiday season that you forget to give a hug, pat on the back, or hold a hand!  It could just mean the difference in your loved one's day.


Love Language: Physical Touch
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Pam... said...

Awesome Niki. A touch is so simple but such a ministry. This is the love language that comes hard to me. I've been praying for God to change me in this area. Thanks.

Niki said...

This is one that does not come natural to me either. The Lord is our helper and with time we can learn to speak it! :)