Free Christmas Gifts - Idea 1 - Quality Listening

This................................................not this!

Sure!  I'm not kidding!  Listening is free.  You could give the gift of listening to your loved ones this season.  In the hustle and bustle of the Holidays it is easy to get so busy with what we are doing to celebrate that we don't take the time to really listen.  You don't want to just hear that sounds are coming out of their mouth and their lips are moving, but you want to hear what is coming from their heart!

Let me share with you the McDonald's Drive-Thru game that is a very effective way to make sure you heard exactly what your loved one is saying.  It goes something like this: (I will use a husband and wife for example)

Husband pulls up to the drive-thru window, rolls down his window getting ready to tell what he wants.  This is what he hears:
"Welcome to the French Home, (insert whatever you like right here...get creative to make it fun!) how may I help you?"

Husband says, "I'm hungry when I get home for work."

You say, "You would like for supper to be ready as soon as you come home from work.  Would there be anything else?"

Husband says, "Well, we are not having spaghetti are we?"

You say, "You would really be happy if supper was on the table when you got home from work and you would prefer for it to not be spaghetti again?  Would there be anything else?"

He says, "Nope, I think that's it for now."

Let me explain what has taken palace so far.  Husband has expressed his feelings and wife has repeated back what she heard.  If wife hears things differently than what husband actually said, she needs to repeat back to him what she heard (or rather what she thinks he means). This opens the line of communication in a safe environment.  Take time to get it right. Don't get in a hurry.  You could go all out and plan a time to talk about some issues.  You might even make it more fun by dressing up as an employee of your favorite Drive-Thru.

After the air is cleared and wife knows exactly what husband is trying to say, then it is time to switch roles and the husband is the employee and the wife is the customer.  It is fun to play if you stick by the rules and even creates a safe environment to hash out some things.  You can play the Drive-Thru game with any two people who need to talk about some things.

Rules:  1.  You cannot interrupt (that would be rude and show you aren't really listening!)
           2.  As the customer, you must be clear and concise in what you are trying to say.
           3.  As the employee, you must repeat back what you heard (and not necessarily the exact words).
           4.  You must take turns being the customer and employer in order to play fairly.

I hope you will try this fun little game with your hubby, kids, and friends.  It may seem childish, but it does work.  Take the time to give the gift of truly listening.  It wont cost you anything, but the rewards are irreplaceable.

Let me know how this worked out for you!  I'd love to hear some wonderful stories.

Love Language: Quality Time
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h. rae said...

That's too cute, Niki! Sounds fun!

Niki said...

Thanks! It can be a lot of fun, but it also opens up opportunities that might not otherwise be there.