What If I Hate What's Going On In My Life Right Now?

Don't you just love to swing?  Even as an adult, I love to swing.  There is something about the motion of going back and forth, the cool breeze in your hair and the carefree feeling you have while on a swing.  If you are so blessed you might even have a swing in your back yard with the view similar to the one in this picture.  We have enjoyed going to the park lately in this beautiful weather.  

Our six year old is learning how to swing all by herself, the two year old is learning how to hold on and sit still while being pushed in the swing.  Our teenagers are trying to out-do one another in "who can swing the highest" and our twelve year old prefers to view it all while hanging upside down from the fire pole.   Mommy enjoys swinging slow and steady and loves to see Daddy give the kiddos "monster pushes"! 

If only life could be that way.  When you are on a swing, you are able to shut out any thing that might be bothering you.  The experience is so lovely in itself that what is happening in your life seems less intense.  Ok, so I am really making an analogy here that is going way too deep, even for me this morning! :)

What I'm trying to say is that bad things happen sometimes...to everyone.  You may be having a hard time with what is going on in your life right now.  You may not be feeling as carefree as you'd like to be.  Your life may not feel as happy as when you are on a swing.  (Finally, the connection is made!)  Does God expect you to be "fake happy", to pretend that you are glad you are having a tough time right now?  No, I don't think so.

King David went through a lot when his baby boy died.  Queen Esther had a very emotional and stressful time before she decided to do the right thing.  Imagine how Job must have felt losing all of his children, his crops, his animals, his land and finally his health.  Elijah had to run for his life because the queen wanted him dead.  Jesus suffered ultimate betrayal.  The list goes on of bad things that happen to people all the time. 

How did each person react in their distress?  You don't have to be fake.  Be real.  Don't overdo it and whine to every person you see that you have it so bad.  Be honest with the Lord and tell Him how you are feeling.  Yes, He already knows, but He loves it when you go to Him and pour your heart out to Him. 

Then, don't be afraid to let your emotions out.  Find someone you can trust and share with them what you are going through.  Make sure it is a Godly woman that will not "share" your burden with others, if you know what I mean.  Ask her to pray with you about the situation and maybe give you some advise on how you should be reacting during this tough time.  If you feel you have no one to turn to, repeat step one! LOL 
(Can I use a bit of texting lingo here?) 

You will make it through this tough time.  You might even learn something from it, too.  Just remember that "...this too shall pass..."  My heart goes out to you.  Hang in there!



Pam... said...

Hugs to you. You are real, and as you work through life and share it, it will be a ministry to many others.
I spent the last few years in a valley of questions and hurt and wondering 'what next', and will my hopes ever be accomplished. It was so heavy. Yet I had so, so much to be grateful for. I couldn't figure it out.

I am glad I was finally about to get a break through, and hear from God. To lay it all down and ask Him to lead and grant His list. Now I truly anticipate what each day will bring from my dear beloved Father. It's so much lighter. And light is good. He is so good. We are so human. These things take time and God.

Niki said...

I love your insight! I apprecate you taking time to share with u, too! Thank you, Pam!

Anonymous said...

Your words are so encouraging. Wish we lived closer! I was talking to my husband the other day and told him I've had a pretty crummy life. Had some bad things happen to me but no one around me would know it cause God has given me so much joy since I gave my life to Him. I still sometimes strugle with my past as I talked about in my post a couple of days ago. There are always consequences that we have to deal with and in some cases that is the hardest part. Something that happens as a child can have a big impact on your life as an adult. It's in that that I am trying to learn that God can see me through it all. I know I'm just rambling now but it helps to get it out a little. Thanks for letting me. :-)

Niki said...

And remember that God loves you and is shaping and molding you into an awesome woman! Don't let bitterness take root. It "infects" those around you, too! Thanks for reading and posting your comments. Have a blessed day!

Niki said...

Pam, my comment above was supposed to say, "Thanks for sharing with us"! I'm having trouble with my keyboard. :/