More Pictures of Our Summer 2011

Isn't this landscape something else?!
Each mountain is unique!

Leaning water tower in Texas

12 Story Cross (also in Texas)

Home of the FREE 72 oz steak and all of the trimmings if you can eat it in an hour...and no, we did not try it.

At the United State's 2nd Largest Canyon: Amarillo, TX
This was beautiful!

19 years and still in love with each other! :)

Girls from a Detention Center that we got to minister to in Arkansas

We are driving along in desert country when all of a sudden we come upon huge white sand dunes!  It was beautiful and breath taking.  The sand was not too hot to go barefooted in.  My favorite part was that it didn't stick to us!  Our previous experience with sand has been at the beach in Texas.  It sticks to everything!!!

The sand looked like snow, but we were in the middle of summer!

Can you believe this is sand?!  The road was pavement at the beginning of the dunes, but turned into sand shortly after the entrance.  They have to grate it frequently because the dunes are "alive".  This means that they are moving dunes.  The wind blows the sand and the dunes move about 3 inches a year I believe.

Our next stop was Roswell, New Mexico
I hope you have enjoyed more pictures of our summer.  I am working on showing you some more!

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