Inexpensive Fun With Squishy Bubbly Stuff!

 Any guesses at to what this blue stuff is?  We had to first "dissect" an item to retrieve its contents.  Then we had to add some water.  After waiting just a few seconds, the structure of the dissected item began to change.  There was no color to it; therefore, not as much fun to touch.  We discussed what color we should add to make it more fun and decided yellow was NOT the best color!  Have you guessed it yet?  Just in case, I will give you a few more clues.  They cost anywhere from $0.11 to $0.17 each, come in a package or box, and your baby/toddler wears them until they are potty trained.  Yes, it is a diaper, or the insides of one rather.

The kids had so much fun playing with the insides of a diaper!  Our two year old played in it the longest.  It was a miracle to see her sitting still for so long!  The clean up was fairly easy.  Just wipe with a paper towel to get the excess "goo" off and then once it dries (a couple of minutes) you can dust off the rest.  We didn't want to mess up the drainage system in the house so used very little water to rinse.  This would be a perfect outdoor activity and you could use the water hose to rinse off when finished.

The next day we went to Apple Butter Making Days in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.  There we found something quite similar.  They are called by many names: water beads, gel crystals, hydrating bubbles, just to name a few!  They are totally awesome!

Cool pictures are from my sweet Kelly.  These water beads bounce, squish, can add to the life of your plants when put in a vase or the soil, last a long time and just need rehydrating when they "shrink" back to original size, and can be used for lots of other things.  You just might be seeing more from us of these awesome water beads!  What kind of cool fun things have you come across that are irresistible?  I must admit having a hard time not wanting to "play" with this stuff, too! :)

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