Should-A Had A Clicker!

A clicker would have been nice to silence the deafening alarm that would not stop!  Yesterday I took the little girls to the library and was going to lock the car doors while we were returning books.  I wasn't sure if I had a door key and knew I did not know the key-less entry code by heart.  

Thinking I would plan ahead, I locked the doors with my girls inside and tried several of my keys.  Sure enough I did not have the right one to unlock the doors.  So H unlocked the doors for me and I thought I would just have to leave them unlocked. 

When I opened the door, the  anti-theft alarm sounded.  I casually tried to remove the key from the ignition.  That didn't help; alarm still sounding!  I tried unsuccessfully to start the car; alarm STILL sounding.  I'm getting a little more "un-casual" as this thing seems to be getting louder and LOUDER! 

I tried several things to no avail.  When my dear husband answered the phone, I begged, "Make it stop!"  A lady walking her dog came over to try to help.  Somehow through all of the noise, I heard Steve say to unhook the battery. 

What?!  Unhook the battery?  Ok, sorry, girls, but I have to admit I did not have a clue how to do this without killing myself.  The lady reaches in my car...ahem...and opens the hood.  I'm thinking, "All right!  She must know what she is doing!"  It turns out she doesn't.  By this time I am laughing almost hysterically and trying to find out what else Steve is saying.  I finally make out that he says  to try the key-less entry.  Uh-oh!  I don't know the code.  He asks T and then tries to repeat it to me.  I can barely hear him.  There is so much that seems to be happening at once and it is so LOUD!  I frantically try the numbers I think I hear him say and...voila!  No more alarm!  Whew!  Finally!  I'm not sure if others thought it was as funny as  I did, but I was sure thankful for a few things right then:

cell phones, my hubby and son who knew how to help! :)

Things settled down and my new friend and I had a good laugh.  After a little chit chat we discovered (because of my southern accent) that we both have some Texas roots.  She began to share quite a bit of her life with me.  Her husband had served her divorce papers three weeks earlier, she had survived cancer, but is having some serious complications, and more.   She was quite a talker, but my heart went out to her.  Maybe the whole alarm thing was not a coincidence.  Maybe she needed someone to talk to.  I tried to encourage her.  She got a phone call and had to leave.  I told her I'd like to pray for her.  We said our good-byes and parted ways.

Then last night, I couldn't sleep.  Why didn't I take the time to pray right then?  I felt guilty for not taking the opportunity God laid in my lap to be a witness.  It was gone.  But God is always there so here goes...

Heavenly Father, You an are awesome God.  I'm so thankful that we have the privilege to bring our needs to You.  I thank you for your blessings.  I want to ask You to please forgive me for failing to pray with Annette last night.  She is in incredible need of Your love right now.  She feels lonely, rejected and betrayed.  You know exactly how that feels.  Please put Your arms around her and let her feel You carrying her during this difficult time.  Please restore this marriage. In Your precious Son's name, Amen. 

It took a car alarm to meet someone in need.  
It took someone in need to test me.  
It took a test to draw me closer to my Heavenly Father.  

So thank you, Lord, for the screaming ant-theft alarm!

Praying you will take the opportunities God gives you to bless others,

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Pam... said...

Wow. What a day! And give yourself grace. You will now be more prepared for that 'next time'.