Coming Home

For most of us, when school starts it is the beginning of many things.  There is a new schedule to follow, curriculum to choose and purchase, deciding whether or not to join that new home school co-op, to home school or not, meeting new teachers, packing lunches, organizing closets to put in the winter clothes and take out the summer ones, new job hours, heading off to college and the list goes on.  For us it has meant changing our lives drastically.

Our summer months consist of ministering in churches to kids of all ages four to five nights a week and preaching, singing, and quoting scripture to the adults most Sunday mornings.  We stay in a different location each week from hotels to Sunday School rooms.  We eat all different kinds of food and meet many new friends while getting to visit with old friends, too.  We live out of plastic totes (instead of suitcases), and travel around 10,000 miles.  It is a constant motion lifestyle of which we thoroughly enjoy!  We often get asked if we get tired of it all and most often you will hear an enthusiastic "No"!  There are some very trying times and hard times.  I would have to say the hardest part is sleeping in a different bed each week or maybe it's when the toddler cries for endless hours because she does not travel as well as the rest of us.  This summer we had vehicle trouble nine of the eleven weeks we travelled.  That was hardest on our daddy!  It's a toss-up as to which one is the worse! But our heart is 100% into what we do and we know God is with us.

Then we come home to a somewhat dusty, "buggy" house (because it sat empty for so long).  This time was by far the best ever "homecoming"!  No mold, frogs, not very much dust and dirt!  We were able to stop in three times during our summer and we always cleaned before we left.  Then my mother and father-n-law helped clean things right before we came back for good.  That was a blessing.

Once we are home, Daddy gets back into his routine of driving a school bus and substitute teaching.  The teaching has not started yet and he has had the flu this week. :(  I know it is ironic that he is so plugged into the public school system and we home school our children.  When he comes home and tells us stories of what all goes on there, we are reassured of our decision to home school our children all over again!

I have been unpacking.  I did really good for the first few days and then I fell off the bandwagon.  We got the boys room cleaned from top to bottom including the closet.  I kept the laundry going while I cleaned and reorganized the laundry room.  One whole plastic tote was filled to take to the consignment shop and I have filled two more totes to take to our local shelter.  I got the kitchen all cleaned up and the refrigerator restocked.  K worked on the girls room and it is semi-finished.  Somewhere along the way I lost my momentum and have not finished unpacking my stuff or Hubby's. I am ashamed to say that our room looks like it exploded.  There!  It's out and you all know it!  Whew!

We have started school...sort of.  I knew we were behind in English and so we did some Diagnostic testing to see exactly what we needed to work on.  We have started our Math, and of course Bible.  H has retained much more than I thought she would and is doing great!  It is always a process getting into our school routine, but it will come soon enough.  I'm so excited about getting our full curriculum going!  We have decided not to join the local home school co-op since it meets every Thursday.  I just did not want to give up one day a week of our own schooling though I love the idea of the co-op.

In the midst of all of this, my father-n-law fell down a four foot embankment in the basement of their temporary home here in Neosho.  He fell against the retaining beam and has sustained many injuries.  A knot on the back of his head, a scrape on his face, a horrible bruise on his right hand, a cracked rib with a yucky scrape there, a knot and scrape on his leg and I don't know what else.  They were supposed to leave a week ago tomorrow, but the doctor said he cannot travel for at least two more weeks.  Even though he is 73, he acts as though he is twenty years younger.  This has been hard on all of us. It will be so good to see him up and moving around again.

I hope you all had a blessed summer and are settling into your fall/winter routine.  I would love to hear how you make things work for you during this time of change!


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