Week 4 on the Road 2011

On Friday night of last week there was another opportunity to attend a youth service.  Following the service and games, there was a sleepover for the girls.  K enjoyed this tremendously and she even made a bag without sewing; turned out real cute, too!

On Saturday, Hubby wrapped up the work he had been doing on the van and we headed to Sand Springs OK.  Speaking of working on the van and all of its issues, we were about exhausted with trying to fix the problem!  It had been a process of elimination up to this point.  Nothing we tried would fix the problem.  We had owned the van for several weeks now and Hubby had spent endless hours on it to no avail!  Each mechanic he talked to had something else for him to try.  He would try it, but it would not work and sometimes create more problems.  It was getting frustrating.  I'll write more on the continuing van saga later!

We got to the next church safely, but did not know what to expect.  We did not know the people because it was a referral from someone we had done a Kids Week for in the past.  The church was also in a transition period with the present pastor retiring and the assistant pastor preparing to become the senior pastor.  It turned out to be a week full of blessings.  We met a lot of wonderful people and were able to share the gospel with many.

On the last night of every Kids Week we have Family Night.  We give the kids extra prizes if their parents come with them and the church usually serves food afterwards.  This is how we can share the gospel with the parents, too!  Every week we see a full house on Family Night and thank God that we get the opportunity to share Jesus with many who would not attend a "normal" church service. 

Since we were only two and a half hours from home we decided to stop in for a quick "visit"!  Our kids got to see their friends and I got to do a ton of laundry! 

Hubby got to work on the van again!  Because of what the last mechanic had discussed with him, he bought another part.  It was the engine speed censor.  Would you believe that it worked?!  Finally!!!  Since he changed that part out, we have had no more trouble!  Our trip to Kansas City was so smooth!  Praise the Lord and thank you, Babe for all of your hard work!!!  Now maybe our van saga has reached its last chapter!

Until next time I pray you are blessed,

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