Pictures of Our Summer So Far (2011)

Almost 19 years together!  Love him so much!!

PawPaw singing to H

P got to ride in an airplane and then even got to fly it!  He dreams of being a missionary pilot someday!

Mommy and C at our family Reunion.

My Nannie!  She is 88 and can still sing and play the piano.  Sweet memories. (Her son, Gary, holding microphone.)

My Daddy!  I love you!

Cody Benner and P

A chalk drawing I do each week.
I am honored the Craig Benner Family asked for the drawing to put in their church.

Song time at Kids Week!
Memory Verse Time

My Father and Mother-n-law whom I like to fondly refer to as Dad and Mom.

Alma, a dear sweet woman of God, with K.

3 generations at the Jetties
The Benner girls with our girls!
T's catch from the Jetties.
C with pretend glasses (like Mama).

Bless her heart...many hours on the road.

Tammy, Becky and me in Oklahoma.  Good times!

C and H praying on a Sunday morning!

C and big brother, T, sharing hugs!

Out to eat at I Hop with dear friends.

Didn't have to spend a dime watching fireworks at my brother's in KCK!

My awesome sister-n-law, Rhonda and her youngest, Robert, with me and my youngest, C!

I love the kids we get to come in contact with during our Kids Weeks!!!

Our girls!

We got to go to a marble factory!  So cool!!!

Hope you have enjoyed a peek into our summer.  Come back often for more!



Anonymous said...

I love it Mom!!! -Kelly

Jessica said...

Loved looking at all the pics :)

Joanna Persons said...

These pictures are beautiful. Makes me wanna cry, I miss y'all so much. However, are you sure that's Gary holding the mike for Nanny? Cause the hand on the mike has painted fingernails. And he could very well wear nail polish, but I think it's probly Nanny!