Our 1st Week on the Road 2011

This is just horrible!  Here I am trying to get the word out about this blog and I haven't been able to touch it since we got on the road.  I'm so sorry.  But I have time and good internet here so I will write as fast as I can and tell you as many stories as I can!

We are officially on the road now and have been for a month.  Our first Kids Week was in  Bluntzer, Tx which is near Corpus Christi.  We got to spend the week with my dad!  It was so good to see him and for the kids to spend some time with their PawPaw!  We got to go to the T Heads in Corpus and feed the sea gulls (H called them the "sea girls") and caught hermit crabs.  It was hilarious to see us making a human chain down to the water so we could reach them!  On Thursday of that week, Hubby and I got up at 4 am to go watch the sunrise on the beach.  It was beautifully romantic!  The next day we took the kids back to the beach and let them swim.  It was hard to say good-bye to my Daddy at the end of the week.

On Friday night there was a Youth Rally at a nearby church.  We knew many of the people there and enjoyed getting to see some we had not seen in many years.  The highlight of the evening for me was driving the 2011 Mustang GT!  It was a 6 speed standard with gorgeous interior and enough power to lay you back in the seat!  One of the guys that we have known since he was little bitty had just bought it and let us drive it.  My youngest son P, and Daddy were with me when I drove. 

This is the funny part.  As moms we sometimes get thought of as not being able to do anything fun or daring.  I might say it's because we are constantly trying to ensure the safety of our kids, especially teenage boys, right?  P kept saying that he thought I would not "hot rod" the car and was basically taunting me.  Well, I just couldn't resist!  I turned on a side road and...well...let's just say he couldn't believe his old mommy had it in her to "hot rod"!  :)  Thanks, Nick for letting me drive an awesome car!

Blessings to you and your family and more stories later!


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