Sidewalk Chalk Fun

Yesterday was so beautiful that we just couldn't stay indoors a moment longer!  We decided to grab some sidewalk chalk and try out our creativity!  Here are some pictures to take you along with us.  Enjoy!
Deciding what we are going to draw and what colors to use.

K is making the center of the flower.

Mommy writes the girls names.

A C size flower! (What is that sticking out on the left?)

H and K working on the petals.

C lost interest pretty quick so I grabbed some cute pictures.

Hey!  It's her initials!

Oh, Mommy was there?

Beautiful H (just before her accident)!

She fell and scraped her knee, nose and forehead.  (Courtney did the same thing a few minutes later!)

Ran out of yellow so are adding some pink.

Almost done!

K adding everyone's names.

Wow!  15 ft. wide flower!  (Who knows how tall it is.)


One more picture, Mom!
We were wishing we could get up high enough to get a good look at it all, but couldn't sprout wings.  Too bad, huh?  :)  We enjoyed our day in the sunshine.  Hope you did, too!

Hope your heart is filled with sunshine and smiles whether it is sunny outside or not!


P.S.  In case you were curious, we did Art, Bible/Creation, Science and Math today while enjoying our sunshine! :)

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