Science: Homeschool Style

Joanna, our Anatomy and Physiology Teacher for the day, and Xena (that's the name she gave her cat).

Xena posing for the camera!

Tee hee!  T is covering his mouth because of the smell.  We all were a little...uh...grossed out at first.

See what I mean?!  I had to cover my face!

Kand Beth

P cut open the stitches.  He was the only one brave enough.

Uh, yeah!  The inside of...Xena.

H begged to wear the face mask, too!

C woke up halfway through our science lesson.

Clockwise starting at the center: Joanna, P, K,  Beth, H, Joseph, T, and Caleb.

Joanna had taken an Anatomy and Physiology (A &P) class at Crowder college this semester and her instructor was kind enough to let her bring their project, Xena, home for the weekend.  Joanna graciously shared what she had learned with our family.  It was an incredible experience.  God's creation is amazing.  The inside of a cat is definitely not as beautiful as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, but it was interesting to see how intricately He designed life.  I think it was a good experience overall.  A little stinky, but good!

Just wanted to share with you some ideas of how to add to your homeschooling experience.  You don't have to do the dissecting yourself, find a college student who has just done it.  They can see how much they learned by teaching your children.  Your children will then benefit the rewards!

Hope you enjoyed these rather spectacular (and gross) pictures!

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