I Could Never Do That (Home Schooling)

"You home school all of your children?  I could never do that.  We would pull each other's hair out by the end of the day.  I'm just not cut out to be with my kids all day.  How do you do it?" 

I was so saddened by these words.  What was this mom really saying?

Win Their Hearts

This mother implied that she was already unhappy and unfulfilled as a mom and that adding more parental responsibility would only further hinder her relationship with her children.  Is this because she is no longer leading her children, but they are dragging her?  They are setting their own bed times, meal times, and entertainment.   They order her to meet their demands and she gives in feeling helpless because all she wants is for little Johnny to cooperate so her life will be easier.  "No" is not a word that is spoken often.   This only produces temporary happiness with Susie, therefore, she gets more demanding and mom gives in a little more just to have peace.  The joy is gone from parenting and no longer is Mom leading her children.  Why would she want to spend more hours at home with the little brats?  After school hours are tormenting enough!  It's much easier to let someone else deal with Johnny and Susie for most of the day than to have to deal with all of the mayhem on purpose! 

It's not too late to make a change.  Win back the hearts of your children!  Home school them.  For the first year at least, don't focus on academics.  Just spend time together learning how to love each other again.  Read to them.  Watch "Drive Thru History" DVDs together.  Do things together.  Go places together.  Spend your time learning about what makes them tick.  Win back their heart for the sake of your long-term relationship.  Ask yourself, "What is your family purpose and to what end are you praying for your children?"  Develop a family mission.  Ask God to help you win back the hearts of your children.

Don't Fear Academics

Could this mother have been saying, "I could never do that" because of a genuine fear that she wasn't a good enough student to teach her own children?  If she were possibly a bad speller, how could she ever teach her child how to spell?  Or maybe like me, she didn't do so hot in Math.  (How many of us are there?)  How can I teach my high school children subjects I didn't take or just didn't understand? 

Many of us do not remember what we learned in high school for various reasons,  mostly because we have not used it since then.  We memorized answers to get us through the test tomorrow and then went on to the next book.  Sad, but true.  All the more reason for us to offer a different way of learning for our children.

Put aside your fears, humble yourself and learn with your children or one chapter ahead.  Your children will look back on the day you decided to make a change and be ever grateful you did.  There is so much curricula these days that you can pick and choose what fits you and your children.  If you want someone else to teach (especially on those subjects you do not feel confident), there are many DVD-style curricula to choose from.  If you are a hands-on kind of Mom you will find plenty to do.

 I would encourage you to attend a home school conference in your area to familiarize yourself with what is available.  A word of caution though:  Don't get overwhelmed at all of the choices!  Talk to an experienced home schooler to get more ideas.  Whatever curricula you decide to go with, allow plenty of time for life lessons.  Bring your children alongside of you as you wash dishes, do laundry, work on the budget or whatever it is that you do!

Be encouraged by the thousands of successful parent who taught their children from home who turned out to be presidents, music composers or inventors.  It can be done.  You can do it!  It wont be easy, but it will be rewarding!

Take The Time

Another reason this mom could have been saying "I could never do that" is because of the personal sacrifice that home schooling requires.  For me, it means not sleeping in, staying in my PJs all day surfing the web, and having lots of "me" time.  This mother could be like the moms who can't wait to enroll their children in preschool,  dream of their daughter's first day of Kindergarten  and gripe and complain for summer to be over soon so little Johnny can get back to school "because he's driving me crazy"!  Putting their children in school is something like free daycare so they can pursue personal interests.

Since we made our decision to home school our children for the rest of the time they are in our home, it has been so rewarding.  Yes, there have been trying days, days that tears were shed and not much academics got done.  There have been days that I wouldn't trade for all of the money in the world.  Days that I grew closer to this child or that one because I took the time to invest in their lives.  I put Niki's wants and desires in the hands of the Lord and guess what?!  Home schooling my children became my ultimate desire! 

It has been quite a journey that I wouldn't want to do differently if given the chance. 

I challenge you to consider taking the time, putting fears aside and winning back the hearts of your children by home schooling them.  You CAN do it!  Philippians 4:13 says you can do it with the Lord.  He gives you the strength to do it well!

Praying for you as you consider making this life changing decision,

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