What If I Wish I Were Born in a Different Family

I thought this was a comical picture that depicts each family member doing their own thing during the holidays.  There are many different ways I could use this picture, but for today I'd like to focus on the  girl in the bottom center of the page who is apparently not interacting with anyone in particular.  She may be experiencing a number of emotions, but let's pretend she is wishing she were somewhere else, in a different family all together.   Baby is being spoiled by Mommy, Cousin is dancing stupidly (forgive the use of that word!) by the tree with Brother and Grandpa is by the fire sharing one of his ridiculous stories that always embarrasses her.  Instead of enjoying what each family member has to offer, she is focusing on herself.  If only she were a part of "so-and-so's" family...

If you think you have strange relatives and siblings wait until you read the story of Joash in 2 Kings 11:1-3, 21!  Wow!  Even though he was born into a family of royalty, his grandmother was an awful person!  She wanted to be queen, so she began to have everyone in Joash's family murdered!  The only reason Joash survived was because he had an aunt who rescued him and raised him in the Temple. 

Think about it?  How would you like to lose your family at an early age because they were murdered by your grandma? And you thought your brother was a menace and your parents totally disconnected from your world.

I know we have things that we dislike about our families.  But we should focus on the good in them.  We should find the good and appreciate it!  You don't have it as bad as some others and certainly not as bad as Joash had it. And remember that no matter what anyone else in your family does, you can do good and live right. 

 It's up to you.  The Bible says you will answer to God for your own life.  You can choose to dwell on the things that you dislike about your family or you can choose to find the good and dwell on it.  I will not promise that it will be easy, but you CAN do it.  Practice today.  When the dark clouds of discontentment threaten to drench your day, grab a happy thought, like in the story of Peter Pan, and fly through your day on it!  You just might be surprised at the change in your heart!  And if happy thoughts and all that jazz doesn't do it for you, you could always ask God for His help!  What a novel idea.  Wish I would have thought of that first!

Have a great day and choose to dwell on something good!

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Awesome!!!! Love it:)