What Guys think of Modesty

There has already been a lot of buzz about this on facebook, but I really felt like going ahead and posting it here.  There is another video that goes along with this one that I may have to post as well.  I hope that as you watched this, you were not angered, but challenged. 

Challenged to think of helping our brothers when we choose what we wear and how we act. 

Challenged to be different from other girls/women that dress to please themselves. 

Challenged to act in a way that blesses the menfolk we come in contact with.

Instead of dressing for attention from the guys, why not dress and act in a way that glorifies God?

Just some thoughts to add to this awesome, challenging video.



Anonymous said...

That is so true!

Anonymous said...

Niki, this is excellent. I know I never really struggled with the why's of modesty, but I did get a little weary of the girls being preached at, and the guys not so much. But then I listened to a series on modesty by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and it answered all my questions, as well as helping me be more firm in my own decision to dress modest. If you want to borrow the series sometime, lemme know. Oh, and I think this would be a GREAT P31 party topic...
Joanna P.