Tricking the Wind

While sitting at the dinner table last night, my husband looked out the window and then at K and said, "Hey, K, let's go play Thomas Edison!"  She responded with a big smile and hearty yes, but I was a little slower at getting it.  How do you play that?  Oh yeah, duh!  After I finally realized what they were talking about I felt kind of silly.  (Now I feel even more silly because we ALL had it wrong!  It was Benjamin Franklin who did this!!!!  I was hoping to fix this before anyone read it, but I didn't make it!!! ...and I'm supposed to be a home school Mom!  Oh well!)  It was perfect weather for flying a kite and a storm was brewing.

The discussion took a usual turn when my 14 year old son, Ty, got this gleam in his eye and said, "Yeah, Dad!  I'll bring a key!"  Whoa, hold on just a minute.  Mama had to step in and demand that we were not going to make electricity tonight!  I looked out the window and told Hubby that I didn't think the wind was blowing hard enough to fly kites.  He said, "Are you kidding me?  It's been about to blow my hair off all day!"  That's the kind of guy I'm married to! :)

As we all got up to clear the supper dishes, K said, "We should just go Frisbee golfing instead."  T's quick response was, "As soon as we go Frisbee golfing the wind will pick back up."  So we decided to trick the wind by saying that we were going Frisbee golfing, but really head out to the flag pole with our kites and catch the wind that was going to pick back up.  Good plan, right?!

We had a good laugh and loaded up in the van with guessed it, kites.  I'm sure we didn't actually trick the wind, but because of the storm brewing, when we got to the flag pole, the wind was cooperating nicely for kite flying!  Or family plus two friends of the boys flew kites until it began to rain us out.

It was a wonderful spontaneous thing to do as a family.  It was a memory that we will all look back on with fondness.  In these busy times that we live, it is hard sometimes to fit in something for sheer enjoyment.  Today, I encourage you to take time to enjoy your children in a way that would be out of the ordinary.  Shock them!  Go fly kites, ride bikes on a trail, go hiking, take a picnic, drive to a part of town that you wouldn't normally drive, have a rock skipping contest at a nearby creek.  Make memories!  Trick the wind!  Not only will you feel closer and more connected with your kids, you will have more to talk about in years to come.

Happy memory making,  :)

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