Public School Assembly

Picture taken last summer in McAllen, Texas at a park.
We are busy, busy, busy preparing for a "first" in our life.  It has been almost three years since the Lord first put a burden in our heart to minister in public schools.  The obvious kept staring us in the face.  How do you minister in a public school where you cannot mention God unless you are cursing?  This will be the hardest obstacle we will have to overcome since every fiber of our being cries out that we serve God and we teach that He is their hope in this life.  Our ministry up to this point has mostly been in a church setting where our ultimate goal is to bring souls to Christ.  We did get the opportunity to minister at the Children's Hospital in St. Louis several years ago and have even ministered in a daycare.  It's all in God's hands and we are just so thankful that after a long time, we finally get to go into a public school.

Some of the things we are going to do will be knock-offs of things the kids are familiar with these days.  We are making a "Bustin Jieber" puppet that will look somewhat like Justin Bieber.  I think the kids will get a hoot out of that.  Mopp is planning on totally messing with the theme for the day and Be-Boppin' Ron has a whole new song to sing with Jon Gibson!   We are going to tear down some walls (milk crates) that could hinder the kids from academic progress! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

The theme for the day is "MAP in 3D: Determined, Dedicated, Driven to Excel. It is to kick off their week of MAPs testing. I think Burrito might get confused on the "driven" part since he thinks he is the fastest donkey in the world! I apologize if some of you do not know what I am talking about. For those who have seen us do a Kids Crusade, you know what I mean!

It will not be just dear hubby and I on that stage Friday, but our whole family will be joining us, working together.  We will be a light by looking different, acting different, being different.  Please help us pray that Jesus will shine through everything we do and that the kids will know that something is different about us.  We are allowed to tell them what we do (Kids Crusades, etc.) and if they approach us with any questions, we can give them THE answer!

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.  I hope you have a great afternoon!


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