Four Wheelers and Motivation

Three tips on how to get your kids motivated!
There's something to be said about motivation. says that motivation is the desire to do; interest or drive.  I should have known that if it had "drive" in its meaning, my 14 year old son would be "all over it" as they say!  Not really, but I was amazed at how fast chores were completed today when I told them they could drive the four wheeler with whatever time they had left over. 

Let me explain, we typically have lunch from 12-12:30 and chores until 1:15.  At 12:00 I told them if there was anymore time left after their lunch and chores, they could spend it outside on the four wheeler.  Also, today is Monday and they each have one added chore (M-W-F).  I was in shock when they were all out the door by 12:45!  We usually struggle to get the chores finished by 1:15 and I had even considered stretching our time a bit thinking that I had cut it too short.  Boy, was I fooled. 

What was the key?  It had to be the motivation!  Get your work done, then go play!  This has been something I have repeated a million times if I have repeated it once!  What made the difference, I ask myself, and how can I tap into that more often?!  I'm sure most moms have asked themselves this more than once.  I don't claim to have the magic answer, but maybe some ideas to get the desired results!


It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, just positive.  Depending on the ages of your children it could be from a sticker to a dinner date.  Just take the time to plan out something positive for them to look forward to.

Reward more often, nag less

Can I tempt my kids with a four wheeler ride every time I need them to do something?  No, but I can do it more often!  And not just a ride on the four wheeler, but maybe 30 minutes of Mommy time, or some other kind of special treat.  Nagging rarely gets the desired results and they have to get tired of hearing it!  I know I do.

Make the rewards specific to your child's needs

One child may love the outdoors, while the other would prefer some extra free time reading her favorite book.  One may enjoy extra computer time, while another would rather run errands with you one day this week.  Each child is different and you know what would put a smile on his/her face!

There's three ideas to get you started!  Now I would love to hear some of your ideas on this, too!

Blessings to you all,


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your take on motivation. I would totally agree with you. Oh, and lemme see if I can guess who likes what. Tyler likes the outdoors, Kelly likes books, Parker likes computer time, and Hailey likes to run errands with you. Correct? (And you forgot what Courtney likes. I'm gonna go with 30 minutes of Mommy time.) Joanna

Niki said...

You are pretty close on your guesses! Thanks for reading AND commenting. :) Watch for tomorrow's "What Ifs"!