Is Being a Good Neighbor a Lost Art?

Years ago we fellow-shipped by attending barn risings and quilting bees.  It was not only for the good ole fellowship with our friends and neighbors, but it was also to help those in need.  If Joe's barn burned in the prairie fire, the whole community got together.  The women folk prepared an elaborate meal for everyone to enjoy, the kids played hopscotch and tag, and the men worked together until the job was done.  If Wanda's 2nd child was due soon, Mary who had delivered 8 healthy children of her own, was called upon to assist in the birth.  If Matt and Jenny were "gettin' hitched" the ladies got together and made them a quilt.

What has happened to being "neighborly"? I believe it is becoming a lost art. I'm here to tell you that it is not completely lost! We have a neighbor that has helped us several times. He has plowed our driveway each time it has snowed for two years now. We did not ask him to do it, nor has he been paid to do it. Out of the goodness of his heart, he comes with his big tractor and plows away the snow so we can get in and out.

I apologize that the picture is not real clear, but here he is...being neighborly!  I had just made homemade hot chocolate for the kids to warm up with so he got some, too!  A small token of our appreciation for his help!
Here he is leaving our driveway for the last time today.  He'll be back in a few days after the snow melts away to bring back any "driveway" he might have scooped down the road!

Now that is what I call being neighborly!

Bless him real good, Lord,

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Homemakers Cottage said...

A friend of mine, who is a pastor's wife, has NOT lost the art of being neighborly! Every time someone in their church moves into a new home, has a baby, etc., she organizes the women of their church to help clean, bring in meals, or whatever else is necessary. She has inspired me SO MUCH to do the same in our little church! ~Kristy