Family Worship

I know it has been a while since I have written and I apologize for that.  It seems that even though we have been "shut in" for most of the past two weeks, things have been just as busy.  Daddy has been off work because of the snow; therefore, our schedules have been all mixed up.  It has been wonderful having him home though.  We have spent many hours doing things together as a family. 

One of the things we have enjoyed most is family worship.  We have had family worship at the table with  Character Sketches Volume 1 and in the school room with Ray Vander Laan Walking with God in the Desert Discovery Guide with DVD: Five Faith Lessons.  We have even shared family prayer at the park in "never walked in" snow! 
When it comes to creative ways to have family worship, Hubby is the King!  This has been a practice of ours for many years.  We have had the privilege of doing it more regularly lately.  I believe it is vital in the survival of the family.  You have probably heard the saying, "a family that prays together stays together".  I do not have the eloquence as some writers do, but I am convinced in my heart that family worship is part of the glue that keeps the family intact.

I'd like to write more on this in the future.  There are many things that are crucial to keeping the family together.  I'd love to hear your opinions on this.

Until then,

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