What If I Want To Look Good?

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It seems that most people are looking at this new year as a way to start fresh and anew.  I've talked to many people that their New Year's Resolution is to lose weight so they will look better.  Now this is not a bad idea in and of itself, but there are some dangers in going overboard.

Some will start off with a Bang!, but will lose momentum not long after.  After starving themselves for a week and doing so many exercises that not one muscle in their body doesn't aches, they no longer have the energy to do more.  So they rest for a day promising themselves that as soon as they have some energy they'll go at it again.  It takes days for them to feel better and by then they no longer have what it takes mentally to change themselves physically.

Others will quit one bad habit, like drinking too much pop, but not replace it with drinking water.  Or they may quit eating too many sweets, but don't replace those "munchy" items with fruit or nuts.  Sometimes it is easier to replace a bad habit with a good one instead of just trying to quit a bad one.  (Seems like I've read this lately from a little cottage I love to visit!)

I think the key to looking good is to not obsess over one area in particular.  Now before all you mom's hang me for telling the girls what to do to look good, hear me out.  I'm not talking about wanting to look good so as to turn heads, but to look good as an example of God's beauty in our lives.  There are ways to do this and I don't want anyone to take me wrong. 

We should want to look clean, feminine and attractive so as to draw others to Christ.  We don't want people to look at us and think, "If that's what a Christian looks like then I don't want to be one"!  I have to be careful here and not get on my little soapbox!  I love to dress up and fix hair - it is my nature.  You may not like to do that and believe me, it's okay.  God made each of us different.  But you should take steps to make sure you are clean, neat and feminine which is our God-given responsibility.

Esther was obviously beautiful or she wouldn't have been chosen queen.  Of course, twelve months of beauty  treatments did not do her any harm either! (Esther 2:12)  Wow!  Could you imagine the luxury?  She had pressure to look beautiful all the time though, being queen and all, but she was beautiful on the inside, too.  There must be a balance.  She risked everything to stand up and do what was right.  She could have lost her crown, cushy lifestyle, and even her life!  Her true character shone through in the moment that counted.

It's okay to want to look nice and get/stay in shape as long as there is a balance and we focus on what is most important - loving God and others.  Esther was obsessed with doing what was right, not how she could turn the heads of men.  What about you?  What is your motivation behind choosing that outfit or doing what it takes to get into it?  Be careful of what you obsess over and make sure it is pleasing to God!



Homemakers Cottage said...

This is SO GOOD!! I've been thinking a lot along these same lines... it can be hard not to obsess over the wrong things... I'm 5 months post partum and, yes, it does cross my mind that I NEED TO LOSE A FEW! :)

Focusing on the RIGHT things (character, godliness, getting along with others) helps bring the "other things" (cute clothes, hair styles, healthy weight) into perspective. Thanks for this post! ~Kristy

Pam... said...

Hey Niki. I wrote a reply to your comment under sitting at the feet of other teachers...then wondered if you would read it.
So go check it out!
Sorry I never got back about the chore charts. It is really just a piece of wood with sample chips of 'counter colors' from someplace that sold those, like Lowes or Menards. I found the ones that were firm and had holes. I put each one capable of doing chores on the chart with a label maker. Each name has a hook or nail under it and one of the kids rotates the chores to the right each morning. Most have pictures for those who can't read. Mine are in bad shape from years of use! We've had them over 9 years!

Pam... said...

I write too fast. What I meant was "I put each child's name on the chart with a label maker." Just so you don't think I put the child on the chart. You know, peg them up there! lol. Sometimes I don't even understand myself!