Seeking A Pure Heart (Part Two)

Purity is not a line that lets you get as close to the edge as possible.  One cannot explore the boundaries of purity and pursue righteousness - they are pointing in total opposite directions.  If you want to live a pure life, you must fight for it!  Joshua Harris gives three pointers on how to do this in his book I Kissed Dating Goodbye

1.  Respect the deep significance of physical intimacy.  Start now.  Don't wait until your wedding day to decide.

2.  Set your standards too high.  Yes, I wrote too high!  Go above and beyond the call of righteousness and purity.  You can only do this by running in the opposite direction of temptation.  My dad says, "Don't let your good be evil spoken of".  In other words, don't put yourself in a position where it looks like you are doing something questionable.  This could mean that you don't even allow yourself to be alone with a guy.  Don't see how much temptation you can take!  You will have no regrets in staying pure.

3.  Make the purity of others a priority.  Girls, if you did all you could to help your "guy friends" be pure they would appreciate you for it.  How can you do this?  Start by looking at your wardrobe and your motives for choosing what you wear.  Don't wear things that show too much skin or too much figure.  Then be careful how you conduct yourself around the guys.  Purity goes farther than the clothes you wear.

Yes, trying to live pure in an impure world takes work and obedience to God.  Without purity you become selfish; seeking only to do those things that bring pleasure to yourself.  It's a dangerous game to play.  I hope you can see the beauty, power and protection of living a pure life.  I hope your love for Christ outweighs your love of self.  I pray you are seeking righteousness and purity.

These last two posts have been very straightforward.  I pray that you are willing to let it stir you into a lifetime pursuit of purity - inside and out!

Love you, Girls,



Homemakers Cottage said...

I enjoyed the last two posts on purity... great advice! As a wife and mother, I'm SO thankful I heeded my parents' wisdom and chose the path of purity as a young person. There are no regrets in following God's ways. ~Kristy

Joanna Persons said...

Hey, Niki, this is really great stuff. I appreciate yours (and Nanna Judy's :) ) care and concern for us girls and our futures. I completely agree with what you're saying. When we get home, I'll bring you a little booklet that I got this week. Ironically, it was in my Grandma's stuff. The author deals with stuff like this; the booklet's called "Someday My Prince Will Come or Looking for a Prince and Getting a Toad." Pretty good reading!

Moriah said...

I love these 2 posts!