Seeking A Pure Heart (Part One)

Are you headed toward or away from purity in your relationships? Are you interested in purity at all or are you satisfied in doing the bare necessities, meeting the minimum requirements?  Are you flirting with darkness and living in the "gray areas"?  Are you trying with all that is in you to keep yourself pure?

I hope you don't view purity and impurity as things that can be separated by a fixed point.  Is it possible to think that as long as one doesn't cross a certain line or "go all the way", they are still pure?

If one is truly pure, they will be headed into a determined pursuit of righteousness.  This will begin in their heart and be expressed in their actions.  Their lifestyle will be one that does not find opportunities to compromise. 

"Wow!  That's some pretty serious stuff!" you might say.  But if we want to live a pure life, we cannot afford to put ourselves into compromising situations that would lead us into the opposite direction of purity.  Look what happened to King David when he detoured from his life of righteousness.  He ended up committing some pretty serious crimes and caused a lot of pain and suffering for himself as well as others.  But I want you to know that King David did not take a single leap into sin.  He took one step at a time away from God. 

Mistake #1:  He wasn't on the battlefield like he was supposed to be.  This left him with too much time on his hands.

Mistake #2:  He looked too long at what was not rightfully his to look at.  (Forgive me for ending a sentence with a preposition...again!)

Mistake #3:  He indulged his moment of weakness and took what was not rightfully his to take.

Mistake #4:  He tried to cover his mistakes (sins) with murder.

Now at what point did he become impure?  When he slept with Bathsheba or when he took a step away from God by not being where he should have been? 

When does purity end and impurity begin?  Is it in the moment you sent that flirty text message or when you find yourself in a passionate, lip-locking kiss that is escalating fast?

We have all been in a place of weighing the pros and cons of yielding to temptation. Should I indulge in my desires or stay clearly within God's boundaries?!

After reading King David's story, we find that one doesn't step into impurity suddenly.  We head that way when we lose our focus on God and our desire to please Him.  Impurity starts long before you "make out" with that guy.  It begins in your heart.

This is only part one.  Come back tomorrow to read part two.  I'm not preaching at you, Girls, just telling you some things that might keep you from a life of heartache from one moment of weakness.  Seek a pure heart for yourself and your future spouse! 

I love ya and know that you can do it!


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