Gillette Deodorant...Less than $1!

Woo hoo!  My last trip to Dillon's I got Gillette Deodorant for 67 cents each!  It was on sale for $2.67 and I had a coupon for $2 off!  That was amazing.  And because I generally buy six papers, I had six coupons and got to use them all.  I also got some Hot Pockets which Parker is totally in love with for $1.54 if I bought guess how many I bought.  You guessed!  Parker was so excited to have these and have eaten them for breakfast and lunch!  I'm glad to have made him happy for so "cheap"!

What kind of bargains are you finding lately?  I'd love to hear how you are being frugal and spending your husband's hard-earned money wisely!

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