Being Married To A Handyman

It is so nice to be married to a handyman!  Steve can fix just about anything!  I love it when he is able to fix things around our house.  I love how smart he is.  I love his willingness to delve in even if it is a "dirty" job!  I like to watch his muscles in his arms when he is straining to tighten a bolt.  He is my hero and I love him very much!

Ok, enough of the gushy stuff, but I mean every word.  Today, he fixed our washing machine, our oven and installed a "new-to-us" dishwasher all in a day!  I think the appliances had decided to go on strike.  But it feels so good to have everything working again and at the fraction of the cost.  Another benefit of being married to a handyman is that one never has to pay for labor fees!

Just thought I would share with you how great it is to be married to someone who either knows how to fix something that is broken or can figure out how!  Love it!

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA I know the feeling on this post. I always love to watch Jeff as he is working around the house fixing things, chopping wood, or just fixing the vehicles. There is something about watching our men work that just makes you melt. Knowing that they love you enough to take care of you. Not all men will do this.
On the other side of the coin, Jeff always says he likes to see me in the kitchen cooking or if I am making things with my own hands. The men like it when we are taking care of the home and the children even if they don't tell us as often as we like. I LOVE MY HUBBY