5 Ways to Get Through Crazy Days (Not Holidays)

Did I mention that it would be easier to follow my blogging schedule after the Holidays?!  Uh, yeah!  Not only that, we are scrambling to finish the front room and living room.  I'm so excited for the progress.  But let me tell you we are scrambling; therefore, blogging has been put on another burner  for now.  I apologize for not being consistent and promise to do better after the holidays and remodeling!  Hopefully in a few weeks, things will return to normal, and my schedule will reign once again.

Do you have seasons in your life where it is so crazy you cannot get everything accomplished? Definitely not like the picture, huh?!  Here are some tips on how to get through those days without losing your mind.

1.  Prioritize by first making a mental list.  This can be done as you spend some time in prayer asking God what He wants you to get accomplished.
2.  Talk to your husband (if you are married) and ask him what he would like to see accomplished.  If you are a daughter, discuss with your parents what they would like.
3.  Write your list of things to accomplish on paper and post it where you can see it several times a day (on your computer, fridge or bathroom mirror).
4.  After establishing your "Must Do" List, keep an mind of prayer as you go throughout your day asking God to help you and give you the grace you need.
5.  Start with something that will not likely need to be done again at the end of the day.  I realize there is not much on a Mommy's list that stays completed for very long, but you will be able to find a few things!  If this is a "Must Do" list that you are doing just before Hubby gets home, it wont matter anyway.

I want to stress about taking time to freshen up yourself.  I mentioned this in the last post.  Remember that your hubby has been away all day and doesn't want to come home to a wrinkled, ragged, and stinky  wife that looks like she is about to "keel" over. Take a minute to make yourself presentable.  He will be glad you did and you will feel better, too.

Keep in mind that "this too shall pass".  If you are in a season where you feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going and  you're exhausted more often than not, it will be over soon!  I know that sounds crazy, but God knows what we can handle and will not put more on us than we can bear.  So hang in there and try to cherish the sweet times!


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Pam said...

Yes! I liked the freshen up part especially. I used to do that, and need to begin it again. Sometimes my husband gets lost in the shuffle. I am ashamed...not proud of that.

Love your pics on the side, and family one on the bottom. A beautiful family.