10 Tips for a Quick "Tidy Up Time"

Just because I wrote everything on paper doesn't mean it magically appears on my computer screen?  I thought the blogging elves would grab my notes and make something wonderful happen.  Oh, this is the real world.  I guess it was all a dream.

On the days when the baby was sick, the faucet leaked, the toaster broke and the phone rang off the wall, it can be easy to forget about him.  You know, that wonderful man in our lives that we were created for?  You can read more about this in our Book Study.  Not that we would ever forget that he is coming home at the end of the day, but we might forget what kind of home he would like to come home to!

A long time ago, I was given some good advice and I'd like to share it with you. 

Ask your husband what he likes to see that you have accomplished even though you had "one of those days".  Ask him for five specific things (or three if you feel like five is too overwhelming at this time) that gives him that "aahhh" feeling when he walks in the door.  It might be that your man appreciates the beds made and the floors freshly vacuumed; or he might prefer the entry way be free of clutter and the table cleaned off.  You might have to give him some suggestions to get the wheels turning, but be sure and take notes for later.

After he has let you know what makes coming home more special to him, try to do those things every day regardless of what else gets accomplished.  Here are some suggestions to make your "tidy up time" go farther.

1.  Have a toy box or plastic container to throw in all the toys.  Have your little ones help you.  Make it fun and exciting, praising their accomplishments along the way.

2.  Grab the broom and sweep all floors, even the carpets.  It gets all of the loose crumbs off the floor and looks fluffed up and fresh.  This is not meant to replace vacuuming entirely, but works great when you are short on time.

3.  If you are still in your PJs, get dressed and put on fresh underclothes.  This is very important.  Make it happen!  You do not want your man to think you have been lazy all day, when in fact you have just not had the time.

4.  Brush your teeth and hair.  If you don't have time to fix it completely, pull it back into a nice pony tail.

5.  You should still have a few minutes to make those beds or whatever is on your hubby's list.  Don't forget to let the kids help you.  The old saying is "many hands make light work".

6.  Stack all dirty dishes in one sink and lay a hand towel over them neatly if you were not able to get to them. 

7.  Put an onion in the oven or vanilla water in the microwave to let him know supper is...on the way at least.  This does not fool all husbands so be careful on this one.  And don't leave the onion in the oven!  That would be a stinky mess in an hour or so!

8.  If the kids are just too much help  during your "tidy up time", let them sit at the table with colors and paper to make Daddy a picture.  They will be excited to do this and occupied for a time.  Hopefully!

9.  Shut as many doors as you can, especially on the rooms you did not get to tidy up.

10.  Greet your man at the door with smiles, hugs and kisses.  You can tell him later that night what a day you had.  He'll probably look around with surprise because you have done the things on his list and he doesn't even notice the rest!

I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you.  Go ahead and tweak them to your family's needs.  The point is to

make him feel like a king in his castle! 

Do you have other tricks up your sleeve that makes a quick tidy up go farther?  I'd love to hear them!

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christy deason said...

Great tips!!! Thanks for the advise because I have had some "crazy" days. LOL

Homemakers Cottage said...

Every day seems like "one of those days" lately!!

I really like these tips, thanks for sharing.

I asked my husband a few weeks ago what was important to him regarding the house... he said he really appreciates the living room being orderly, and the meals being ready (or on the way!) at meal time. How simple is that? I was stressing over EVERYTHING (like organizing the kids closets at lunch time!) instead of focusing on a few things that pleased him. It really took a load off... although the closets still aren't organized. :P One of these years maybe I'll have the TIME to get to all the "other stuff". ~Kristy