What If This Movie is Mostly Good?

Mmmm!  A tall, creamy chocolate milkshake from Shakey's, a gorgeous glass, whipped cream topped with a delicious, red cherry and a tiny drop of poison!  Poison?!  What?!  You had to go and ruin a great thing with that - didn't you?  Yes, I did.  Would you still drink the shake if you knew there was one tiny drop of poison in it?  What if the one drop would only make you very sick, but it would not kill you?  Would you drink it?   Probably not.  You're thinking I'm a little bit crazy for suggesting it - aren't you?

You have the same choices to make about what you "feed " your mind.  That movie or TV show might look good or everyone might be watching it, but the bad parts are poison to your mind.  In Psalm 119:9 it asks us how a young lady (it really says man, but we know it means us, too) can stay pure.  In chapter 101 it deals more about what you will put in front of your eyes (look at) or allow in your home          (vs. 2-3,7).  If you are trying to be a Godly girl and be pure, you must keep your mind pure.  If your mind is pure, the rest of you will be, too.  (I Cor. 15:33)

If you don't know if a movie is good or not, http://www.pluggedin.com/ is a good source to use.  It will tell you if there are bad words (and how many), sexual content or any thing else you need to know or might wonder about. 

"If you're in doubt, throw it out!"  I know you have probably heard that before and it is true.  Is that movie or TV show worth putting even a little poison in your mind?  It will take courage to get up and turn it off, but you CAN do it! I'm praying for you today that you will make pure choices that don't corrupt that milkshake...er...I mean mind!

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