Monday Musings on Tuesday

Ok now that I have read some of my favorite blogs and found out how I'm going to save lots of money on groceries this week, I am ready to go!  Go?  Go where?  Any where, but where I have been for the last two days!  Having a migraine headache affects everything!  I can identify that this is the type of headache because Tylenol or Ibuprofen does not phase it.    I'm very thankful that I do not have to suffer like my mother does though.  I remember when she would be so sick from a migraine that she would lose her vision in one eye, be vomiting and in bed for days with all of the lights out. So, I'm not in bed with the lights out, but have wished I could be!

Enough of that though.  I need to run to Walgreens to make a purchase and save some money!  Sounds like those two shouldn't be in the same sentence, but they are!  I can get Pampers this week for $4.99 a package and a Gillette Fusion Razor for $1.16 if I hurry and get there before they close.

Well, what am I doing still on here?  I've got to go!  Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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