The Promise

Amanda clutched her locket sighing deeply as she felt the coolness of the delicate chain hanging loosely about her neck.  Her mind went back to that beautiful spring day when Harrison had gently placed the locket there asking her to wait for him.  "I'll be back for you, Amanda.  I promise."  He told her that when she wore the locket, he would always be close to her heart.  That had all seemed so long ago now.  So much had happened.  She had no idea of what would transpire when she promised Harrison that she would indeed wait for his return.

There was Sam.  Dear, sweet Sam with his pristine good looks, square shoulders, and sharp jaw line.  His dark brown eyes made her nervous when she caught him staring at her.  He always seemed to be by her side ready to be at her beckoning command.  "Could I get you a glass of water, Miss Amanda?" or "May I drive you to church on Sunday, Miss Amanda?"  It did not matter how she had tried to avoid him, he had an uncanny ability to find her.  He was good company when he wasn't bragging about his latest accomplishments and it did help to pass the lonely hours away. 

How she did long for Harrison.  She was lonely and wanted him to make her laugh as he often had.    He was a talented carpenter and she loved to see his calloused hands gripping a hammer or some other tool.  His sandy blond hair and rugged handsome looks made her heart flutter each time she thought of him.  His blue eyes were as pure as crystal and she loved it when he looked at her.
Amanda sighed.  It had been so long since she had heard from him.  There was only one letter.  Her favorite part spoke of his endearing love for her.  She felt such peace each time she read it.  No one had said those things to her before.  He said he loved her so much that he would give his life for her.  Did he know that his love for her had transformed her life?  Oh how she loved him.

And the locket.  It was beautiful!  The chain sparkled as she let it slide through her fingers.  Shaped like a heart, it was etched beautifully with scalloped lace and lined with soft, red velvet inside.  She planned to put their picture there as a special reminder of their love.

Was it just a dream?  Would Harrison ever come back for her?  Maybe he'd fallen in love with someone prettier or more popular than Amanda.  Maybe he had lost interest in their relationship and no longer cared about his promise to her.  Maybe he had seen Sam chasing after her and thought she no longer loved him. 

She raced to her bedroom and opened her bureau drawer.  She felt underneath and pulled out the yellowing pages of Harrison's letter.  She hugged it to her before falling on her knees by her bed to read it once again.  She felt close to him and loved him more each time she read his letter.  It was reassuring to see his handwriting and to read the words he wrote for her.  He would return.  He promised it in his letter and had sealed it with the locket.

Amanda smiled through her tears as she held the letter to her chest again.  She could feel the coolness of the golden treasure around her neck and the crispness of the pages of Harrison's letter.  She knew it wouldn't be long now.  He would find her anxiously watching the horizon for any sign of the one who held her heart.  She could hardly wait for them to be together forever.  When her faith wavered, all she need do was to read his letter again and see the beautiful locket he'd given her.  Amanda breathed softly.  Tonight she would sleep peacefully with the reassurance of Harrison's love and promise to her.

God loves us so much.  He gave us a letter, His Holy Word, which promises us that we are going to be with Him forever someday.  He gave us a beautiful world to live in until He returns.  It is around us every day, just as Amanda's locket.  He took great care in making it for us to look at and enjoy.  There are things in this world, like Sam, that try to get our eyes off of our beloved God; things that take our attention and focus off of being ready when He returns.  If we will cherish our letter, God's Word, and stand on its promises, we will have peace that passes all understanding until we see His face.  

Are you anxiously waiting Christ's return?  Do you cherish the Word of God?  How are you spending your time until He returns?  Do you need to be reminded of His promise to make you His bride?  I hope this story inspires you in your relationship with God.  I'd love to hear how it has!

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Jen Ferguson said...

Yes, there are so many things that distract me from God, but I am immeasurable grateful that He doesn't not give up pursing me.

Niki French said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Jen! I'm grateful for the love of our Heavenly Father. Thank you so much for stopping by today! :)

Emily Hockenhull said...

Neat story, with a great reminder :)

Pamela said...

Beautiful. So thankful for God's Word to read when we are longing for His coming. He promises, "I will come again." ~Pamela