"Created" Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Thanksgiving Produces Joy

Live with thanksgiving, forgiveness and joy and enjoy all your moments as if they were your last.

I love Debi's story of the trash incident with her husband!  I laughed out loud.  It just proves that if you choose to be thankful instead of grumpy then things can go differently.  It is amazing when you choose to have a good attitude (it is a choice, you know!).  For those of you who heard Bro. Matt Stephens sermon last night, you can appreciate his humor in praying for the Lord to help him respond to his children with patience and not anger.  It takes a conscious effort to do this with our children as well as with our husbands.

In the beginning of our marriage when Steve would "get on my nerves", I would sulk for two or three days until I felt better or he did something to make me feel better.  How childish!  It took us a while to realize that life is less stressful when you quickly forgive and don't hold grudges. It is impossible for two people to live together and not get "cross ways" with each other once in a while.  It is much more harmonious if we will quickly forgive and be willing to "take one for the team". 

Debi's next point is to "make love fun".  When is the last time you had a "wrestling match" with your husband that ended with both of you enjoying each other in laughter?  I love to get my husband tickled when we get to this point.  Since he is definitely stronger than me, I am defenseless against him...unless I can get him to laugh!  Then I can win!

Don't carry a chip on your shoulder no matter how offended you have the right to be.  Remember to view yourself as the woman God gave to your man.  It is not too late to start today.  Be the woman who honors, obeys, and loves Jesus, by honoring your husband.  Open your mouth and begin to thank God for His grace towards you...thank Him again and again.  Joy is the result of a thankful heart.  A thankful heart is the result of a person who decides to give thanks...

I understand that this may not come natural, but then if it did we would not be reading this book together - would we?! :)

Consider this:
A good help meet is joyful, thankful and content.  Ps. 107:22 and Jonah 2:9

Get serious with God by making a list of ways you can show thankfulness and start living it.  It all starts with saying thank you and continues by making a mental note to appreciate all of the people God has placed around you.  Isaiah 51:3

Disclaimer #1: I do not to claim to be the perfect wife, just one striving to be the greatest help meet that I can!
Disclaimer #2: I did not come up with all of the information you are reading in this book study. I take many excerpts from the book "Created".  I try to make it obvious when I quote the author.

Please take the time to look up the scriptures that I only write the reference. It will make this journey more enriching.  One more thing, I strongly encourage you to purchase this book and follow this book study with the added bonus of reading exactly what Debi Pearl writes about in Created To Be His Help Meet.

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Homemakers Cottage said...

This chapter get my attention every time- it's SO good! Very challenging. I still have a looong way to go in this area, but reading (and trying to apply) these principles of JOY really has made a difference in my life, marriage, and motherhood.


Niki said...

I know what you mean. It is one of the hardest things to do and I do not have it mastered yet either! :{