I went on a drive with my eleven year old son and was amazed at what was on his heart.  His comments were how beautiful the trees and weather were this time of year.  I enjoyed listening to him as he excitedly pointed out the deep reds or the bright oranges and smiled as he said, "Wow! Look at the way just the tips of that tree are yellow and the inside is still green"! I was surprised at his reflection on God's creation since typically he's more into picking out all of the mustangs (just like his dad!).  It lifted my spirits and reminded me that there is beauty in everything if you will look for it.  Sometimes we get so caught up in "life" that we forget to take the time to see how much God loves us.  We could live in an colorless world with nothing to enjoy, but instead God gave us beauty.
Here are some random thoughts I had on beauty.

In a cool breeze to brush our face. 
In the fluttering of a leaf as it falls to the ground.
In the smell of warm pumpkin pie.
In trees that transform into red, orange and yellow. 
In a blue sky dotted with wisps of cotton candy clouds. 
In a red door decorated with a wreath of sunflowers and brown-eyed susans.
In squirrels that scurry about storing nuts for the winter. 
In deer that gracefully run through the field.
In a Shetland Pony holding his head high through the town's parade.
In the laughter of children as they jump into a pile of freshly raked leaves.
In a family singing four part harmony.
In the presence of loved ones at Thanksgiving dinner.
In an old rugged Cross.
In blood shed for me.
In a God who gave because He loved.


Susan Brown said...
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Susan Brown said...

Beautiful reflection on finding beauty in life's simple pleasures. Slow down. Take time to notice the beauty all around us. Life and time scurry by without taking time to appreciate its beauty. Good reminder. Niki