Paul Learned Contentment; Therefore So Can I!

So, how did your week go?  Did you find yourself running a little ragged and behind?  Or were you one of the few who actually had it all together and everything got completed, your house spic and span and your husband and kids as happy as they can be?


I'm sure there are more of us in the first category than the last.  I will be so glad to get our school room finished, all of the curriculum in and all of the computers running properly.  I think then I can get settled into a regular routine and things will go smoothly.  Right?  Who am I kidding?

Does it seem that I am always thinking in the back of my head, "When this is done, then I will be happy."  Or do I let it show through my actions and attitudes?  Then the Lord reminds me that nothing will ever be perfect.  I must learn to do as Paul did in Philippians 4:11 "...In whatsoever state I am therewith, to be content".  I almost envy Paul because he said that he had learned this!  That word is in past tense!  He had it mastered I guess. 

I find myself far from mastery in the character of contentment sometimes.  There is the never-ending remodeling jobs that make everyhting crazy in our house, the laundry piling up faster because the kids only wore their PJs once, the school work that requires immediate attention, the baby is sick and fussy, the dishwasher quit working and, man, this house seems to get smaller everyday!  (I think it is that the occupants acquire more stuff and their things get bigger as they do!)  Will there ever be a time when it will all be finished and pretty, no more laundry piled high or papers to grade, no runny noses to wipe, few dishes in the sink, and a huge empty house?  Sigh.  I hope not!  That will be a very sad day that I wish would never come.

Lord, forgive me when I am not content with what You have given me and for the times my sinful nature gets the best of me and I complain.  Help me to look at the blessings around me and see Your faithfulness to me.  Remind me of those less fortunate and create in me a more grateful heart.  I am indeed blessed far beyond what I deserve.  I pray that I will master contentment in my actions, attitudes and my heart.  These things I pray in your Son's name, Amen.

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