"Created" Chapter 2

Are we ready for chapter 2, Girls, or do we need more time for all of chapter 1 to soak in?  Honestly, there was a large span of time between reading the two chapters for me the first time I read this book.  Let's go ahead and delve in!

Chapter 2
A Merry Heart

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength

If you are on the marriage-making journey, you are going to need all the strength this joy can give you!  In Prov. 17:22 it says that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.  I believe that if you can achieve this level of happiness in your marriage on a regular basis that you will be on the road to that heavenly marriage mentioned in chapter 1.  The last part of that verse says but a broken spirit drieth up the bones.  This is definitely the result of not having a merry heart.  Your bones will literally ache from the lack of it.  Your marriage needs this "love potion"!  Is your husband still amused at your mischievous little grin and happy countenance or has it been replaced by Mrs. Sour Puss?  Men are attracted to smiles and that does mean your husband.

The next part of this chapter Debi Pearl (author of Created) answers a letter from a desperate woman whose husband is having an affair with his secretary at work.  Debi gives such wonderful advise that I hope you have already purchased this book and can read it for yourself.  If not, I'll summarize it as best as I can. 

Debi does not condone what this woman's husband is doing, but tells the woman to fight for her man.  She has competition now, a rival and an enemy of her heart's desire.  She should not criticize and respond negatively to her husband though she feels she has a right to.  Forget her rights and beat the secretary at her own game.  Be physically aware of her husband, impressed by him, emotionally aroused by his presence, look at him adoringly and start TODAY!  Let him hear gladness and appreciation in your voice.  The tool of your warfare is your loving, kind, delightful, radiant, adoring self.

Consider this
God's perfect will is that I learn to be the best help meet possible.
What can I do today that will make him smile? 
Get serious with God by doing a word study on JOY.  It is found in the Bible 167 times.  Memorize some of these verses. 

Smile at your husband the first time he sees you at the start of his day.  Be lighthearted as you go about your day.  It is true sacrifice for you to be "merry" even if you feel you have been wronged and have been hurt.  (Ps. 107:22)  This may not come easy, but I dare you to give it a try!  Then come and tell me what happened next!

Disclaimer #1: I do not to claim to be the perfect wife, just one striving to be the greatest help meet that I can!

Disclaimer #2: I did not come up with all of the information you will be reading. I take many excerps from the book "Created".
Please take the time to look up the scriptures that I only write the reference. It will make this journey more enriching.

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Pam said...

Excellent reminder Niki. What a lovely family, and thanks for your recent comment. May God continue to bless you and help you choose joy.