By His Design

 I've been thinking lately how we are created in God's image and by His design.  He is the Master Artist.  I don't see how someone can look around and not see His handiwork.  And then I think "He did all of this for me and my enjoyment".  There are so many breathtaking landscapes that would definitely require a mastermind.  The rolling hills of Scotland  the magnificent whales and dolphins swimming the oceans near Australia, the Redwoods of California, the Great Smoky Mountains and so much more.  Such beautifulness cannot come from an explosion or from nothing!

And then to think of places like Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon;  masterpieces that speak of a Heavenly Creator.  I am awed by His landscapes of glory.

But then, God's greatest piece of work, reflects Himself: mankind.  Have you ever looked at someone and thought what part of them reflects their Creator?  Better yet and closer to home, have you ever thought, "What about myself reflects my Creator? 

Up until this point I have been talking about the outward things that we can physically see.  But what about the inward?  Do we reflect God's character?  I wonder about this as I see how supposed Christians act.  Suing one another over small things, disrespecting their spouses, griping about this or that, posting questionable or offensive things on Facebook for the world to see or read, texting things that you would never want the preacher to read (Guess what?! God reads them anyway!), spreading the latest news about fellow Christians in the act of compassion, lying, cheating, manipulating, etc.  Since when is it ok for a man to talk and act like a woman or vice versa?  And when is it ok to divorce just because the spouse has become unloveable?  Are these things God would do Himself?  If our bodily form reflects the image of God, shouldn't our character reflect the heart of God? 

I realize that no one is perfect, including the writer of this post =) but I also know that our culture today is getting more lax on what they think is ok with God.  It seems that as a whole I see more people seeing what they can get by with instead of trying to be more like their Creator. 

If this has struck a chord in someone's heart, how should you make the change? 

Obviously the first thing one should do is spend more time with their Creator.  Next is a biggie.  Look at what company you keep.  Do you hang out with those of "like precious faith"?  I mean more than just those who call themselves Christians.  Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and help you draw closer to your Creator.  It will be worth it in the end!

Working to reflect His glory...

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