Our Summer Thus Far

Here's an update on how our summer has gone so far. We left our home for our first Kids Week which was in Fayetteville, AR at Tim and Vallerie Smith's church. They have an inner city ministry and we ministered to kids who had no idea what church was all about. One night they charged the stage during Be-Boppin' Ron and we had to shut everything down. We had never experienced any thing like this before. It was challenging, yet rewarding. You never know what God did for those kids that week.

Then we headed home for a few days to tie up some loose ends and for Daddy and T to build us a trailer to pull our equipment.

On the 27th of May we headed to Berea, Ky to visit Hubby's Aunt and Uncle. On our way we enjoyed a favorite treat: White Castle burgers and then Krispy Kreme donuts in St.Louis! Just after crossing the bridge in St. Louis a car in the lane to the left of us lost control and skidded sideways directly in front of us! There was only enough time to call on the name of Jesus! She skidded past us to the right and made it into an exit lane before coming to a complete stop. The miracle is that she missed us and all the other 4pm traffic in downtown St. Louis! We are grateful for the prayers of the saints on that day (and every other day, too).

Made it to Berea and played Corn Hole with Aunt Patty and Uncle Paul. By pure chance we found out that Berea's Evangelistic Center was having a Youth Service and we got to minister there! We also got to see some friends, the Yorks, that we had not seen since they were in Bible school in the 90's.

After that we headed to Madisonville, Ky to see our wonderful friends, the Mallorys. They are such an inspiration to us!

Then we made our way to Paducah, KY to do our second Kids Week at Doug and Vickie Stevens'. They have a beautiful facility and sweet people. The ladies of the church found out that C was celebrating her 1st birthday and threw her a party! She had a Hello Kitty cake and pink decorations galore  Her "smash" cake was in the shape of the number one! So cute! The Stevens took us to Metropolis, IL and we got to see the HUGE statue of Superman. We browsed a nearby store with all of the Superman and other older comics stuff, too. Whew! It was so hot that day. We also visited a Fort and learned a little history (of course, the homeschool mom in me loved this!) The next day, Daddy, K, T and the Stevens' son, Bradley, got to tour the ONLY Dippin' Dots factory in the US! Pretty cool...literally! :) They don't allow frequent visitors so it was nice that they were able to do this. C got a Dippin' Dots shirt for her birthday. C and H both got sick this week, but God intervened. To be able to do a Kids Week for our heroes, the Stevens, was incredible. They are a big reason we are doing what we do today. That's another story for another day!

We got to spend the night with my mom and Don on our way to our next Kids Week. The time with them was so short.

Our next Kids Week was in Whitesboro, TX. Hubby's best friend, Gary Stephens, (no relation to Doug and Vickie) and his mom attend this church. The kids were able to get in two good days of school work, which they thoroughly enjoyed...NOT! The Kids Week was successful and we got reacquainted with some friends whom we met last year. On Thursday of that week, we all got to go horseback riding at the lake. Thanks to KW and Bro. Woods' equipment, we had a blast! This was a hi-light last year and the kids were looking forward to getting to do it again! On our way out of town, we went to "Sister" and KW's place and saw all of their goats and other animals! H loved carrying around the baby goats. Hubby tried his best to get KW and his mom to name the newest baby goat after me until we learned it was a male...so maybe they will have a goat named after him instead!

The next week was spent with Hubby's mom and dad in McAllen, TX. We stayed up late and slept in every morning like we had good sense! Father's Day we got to minister at the church they attend when they are at the border. K and T did their sign language song, Hubby preached a great message on "Gleaning" and we did our Stick Song. The Lord really moved in the service.

We spent this week like we were on vacation! We got to go fishing on the Jetties, playing in the sand, flying kites and then drove to South Padre Island and fished off the pier in the gulf! The fishing wasn't too good because the dolphins were there. Oh, how neat it was to see dolphins! K was in heaven! Some jumped out of the water for us to see their whole bodies. They got within about 20 feet of the pier. It was awesome! We didn't get home until 5:30 in the morning. Wow! T caught a sea turtle, P caught a sting ray and Papaw caught a sea gull! Yep! One flew by as he was casting his line and got hooked! We went over into Mexico and got some dental work done plus shopping. But the best part of the whole day was eating lonchez "on the street"! We always eat lonchez at one of the street vendors and they are delicious!!!! (I have to say that it was a little unnerving to see all of the men in uniform carrying guns on the rooftops and behind sand barriers, but our trip went by without a hitch.) Our "vacation" week was refreshing and full of fun!

Our fourth Kids Week was in Bluntzer, TX which is near Corpus Christi and where my dad attends church. We had not seen him in 4 years! :( It had been 8 years since we had done a Kids Week there and it was good to see old friends and make new ones. The saddest part was that the kids we knew then are young adults now! Several kids prayed real good in the altars and a few adults. On the last night, one lady in particular cried and cried at the altar! This was the night that our story was about Jesus being the Shepherd of our Souls and how much He cares for us. I know God moved in a special way that week. The devil sure fought us with vehicle trouble and sickness, but God blessed anyway!!!

We are now at my brother's church in Kansas City, KS. We had a Kids Week/4th of July bash at the park today where Mop and Burrito were in rare form inviting everyone to the services next week. There were games and snacks, too.

As I sit here wrapping this up listening to the fireworks outside, I am reminded of what this holiday is about.


Freedom to worship, freedom to serve, freedom to be who we are. Thank God for it and for all of the men and women who have given so much so that we can have it! Though there are many who have tried to steal it from us and are still trying today, I thank God that we live in America. I am a proud American!

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