A Story of God Working in our Lives

This winter has been especially hard on us. We are generally a healthy family with no allergies or serious illnesses, but you could not tell this by the many times we were all sick this past winter. Yuck! On the list of things we experienced were Swine Flu, Stomach Flu, Colds, and Bronchial issues that just seem to keep on lagging on. We have taken a boatload of garlic and vitamin C, but not consistently. This may have been to our detriment. Either that or the fact that I was using Tylenol Cold and Ibuprofen to help relieve the symptoms and now "they" want to recall them all because of bacteria in the bottles! So I'm not real sure why we had so much sickness, but will be glad when it is all over. We wash our hands frequently and use hand sanitizer everytime we get in the van from church or a trip to Walmart. Who knows, but we did have some definite miracles. Let me share!

T woke up a few Monday mornings ago with a very stiff neck. I assumed he had slept on it wrong. We said a quick prayer and gave him an ibuprofen and went on about our day. He tried to be optimistic  but as the day wore on and we tried messaging his neck manually and also with a machine that we have that is good for working on tired muscles, he still was suffering. The next morning he was worse with a lump about three inches on his neck and fever of about 99 or so. His fever was not high, but we were concerned. We took him to a local clinic and the doctor said we should get some blood work done. We left his office and headed over to the hospital to get the blood work done, after lunch, of course! The doctor had said to come back at 5 pm so that he could have the results back of the lab work. When he read the results, he was concerned as well. T's white blood count was up to 15,000 and is supposed to be between 5,000 and 10,000. These numbers showed infection. His opinion was that we should take T to the ER and see if they wanted to do a Spinal Tap because he suspected what we had feared: Spinal Meningitis.

Before heading to Joplin, I posted a quick note on Facebook asking everyone to begin praying. The response was amazing and we are very thankful for the prayers of the saints!!! While sitting in the ER, Sis. Wanda Bills and Sis. Zonna McNabb came by. Sis. Bills got her bottle of oil out and right there in the ER anointed T with oil and we all prayed for him. I was so glad that she was not ashamed to do that. Within 10 minutes the lump went down on his neck and his fever dropped. When we got back to see the doctor he looked him over and said, "My clinical opinion is that this boy does not need a spinal tap and only has the Viral Spinal Meningitis." He then explained what T would be experiencing if he had the Bacterial S.M. and how fatal it could be. We said, "Thank you for your time" and away we went. The next morning you could barely tell that T had been so sick the day before.

I firmly believe that the Lord touched T right there in the ER and it was due to everyone's prayers. It was a testimony of God's healing power. I have another story to tell, but will tell you in the next post!

 Do you have an experience of when you know God healed you? I'd love to hear about it!

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